In the world of design mock-ups, where phones are seen with operating systems as-yet unavailable to them, the Nexus One can make video calls. Nope, this isn't an internal hardware hack like we saw on the Vibrant; it's a simple attachment in the form of an array of prisms and mirrors called OneMoreFace. We've already seen a few examples of this idea implemented for the older (pre-iPhone 4) iPhones, but this is probably the slickest design so far.


Right now it exists only in concept form, but the designer promises to add more info soon regarding availability for purchase. The piece looks small and sturdy enough to keep in your bag for whenever you feel an overwhelming urge to broadcast your mug to all and sundry. Should it eventually grace us with its presence here in the real world, it should make life without a Nexus S just that little bit easier to stomach.

Source: Ciccarese Design via FrAndroid

Brian O'Toole
Having learnt his writing techniques reading e-Books of Sherlock Holmes, Brian now spends his time /kicking, lurking, SSHing and encoding.
  • http://www.droidninja.com Neil Lund

    Haha! It's about time someone made on of these! I've been getting tired of standing in front of a mirror all the time lol

  • Nexuz-Uno

    Same. I would buy one. $15 max.

  • robotnoize

    Id buy one! Im so on this. What's the guys twitter?

  • http://www.GrantGarrison.com OMGrant

    What a cool non-tech way around this problem!

  • Leon

    Definitely in for one at 20 bucks.

  • vernon

    desire owner wants this...in south africa but willing to spemd $15

  • Austin

    The only problem with it clipping over the top like that is that you will appear upside down on your screen. It has to go around the side for it to be right side up.

    • Adam the Ant

      This is why Android rocks the bells Austin. Software can flip the image!

      • Austin

        Indeed it can, but the software must be designed to do this. It's not likely integrated video chat will give you options to flip the image. It could though...

    • Tachyon

      Uh, no...sorry.
      Note that there (obviously) are two mirrors here, like in a periscope. The first flips the image, the second flips it back.
      The resulting image has a 'normal' orientation.

      • Austin

        I'm telling you, the 2 mirrors is what MAKES it upside down. I built my own and tested it a while back. Has to go around the side for it to not be upside down. Make one yourself with some little mirrors and you'll see what i'm talking about.

      • Austin

        Periscope mirror design is different. The mirror setup is very different.
        See my crude diagram:


    • John

      Does this work with the G2 as well

      • miles

        Thats what i wanna know too

    • Orlando Ayala

      I believe that’s what the “array of prisms and mirrors” are for.

  • Tachyon

    My mistake.
    I was thinking of how using two mirrors corrects right to left reversal when viewing yourself in a mirror.

  • Jim

    Already exists, it's call "iSnapMe" and it's 19.95


  • Jason

    wow this is completely awesome and inexpensive way to do video calls (rather than upgrading to a phone with front-facing camera) :D super excited to get one for me nexus one if and whenever it comes out!!

  • S3nd41

    Lol, there are actually people that stand in front of mirrors to do video calls? That's hilarious! This is a great piece of design, simple and to the point, great job!

  • http://google 1st Lady

    ~ I'm wondering is it more convient to purchase the iSnapMe or the OneMoreFace? Don't want something that's going to look so big & ovious on my phone. Would it even work on my phone? I have the Motorola Milestone (Android).

  • Titan

    Did this thing ever became available?

  • Nefariousity

    I think this would be awesome! Would it be compatible with the Droid X? If not, make it more flexible!