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While loyal commenters on the Notion Ink blog got the chance to pre-order this morning, the rest of us have been deprived of the privilege until now. Well, you can stop holding your breath now, for the Indian company has just let the rest of the world in on its pre-order page for the 10-inch tablet. The prices have remained the same, but let's recap them anyways:

  • LCD Wi-Fi version: $375.33 (down from $399.99)
  • LCD Wi-Fi+3G version: $425.33 (down from $449.99)
  • Pixel Qi (transflective display) WiFi version: $499.45
  • Pixel Qi (transflective display) WiFi +3G version: $549.99

Unfortunately, all four models are said to be shipping in "6 to 8 weeks," and the fact that the shipping fee is a flat rate of $50, no matter where you ship it to, is starting to make us suspicious. That said, if Notion Ink can manage to not disappoint us with the Adam, it may be a worthy purchase, even with the lengthy waiting period. Provided, of course, that this whole pre-ordering thing turns out to be less of a scam than it looks.

Source: Notion Ink Pre-order Page

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • John

    If it's not a scam, then they've certainly done everything in their power to make it seem like a scam.

    My money will remain in my bank account until a 3rd party reviewer actually holds the thing, and proves that it's not just a pretty case filled with rocks.

  • http://www.techstopmuse.blogspot.com Adnan

    Hmmm... suspicions aside. Can't anyone ask Nvidia about the product?
    I'm sure they'd have to have some sort of deal with nvidia. They can't be just mass ordering the cards under some random person's name... right?

  • Joe

    The main reason I didn't commit to the purchase (in addition to the laughable shipping rate) was the INCREDIBLE lack of BASIC information and unanswered questions (simple ones!) about the product. Things like:

    *NO photos of the working final product
    *NO videos of the working final product
    *NO clarification of the presence/absence of Android Market
    *NO clarification of the exact internal memory on each model

    All we've been fed have been photoshopped renders of the product, and I'm not dropping $500+ on that basis. I've been following NI's blog pretty hardcore for a few months now, and I've been as excited about it as anyone, but its UNREAL how many people are just drinking the Adam koolaid, forking out the $$ for the product now, and actually having the nerve to call anyone who doubts it "haters" and "naysayers"! Its no wonder so many people (at least in this country) have such massive financial problems, losing their homes, mortgages, and declaring bankruptcy...I mean if this is any indication of the decision-making that goes on in the world...wow.

  • gcrv

    Hmmm...Lets see the Japanese were selling junk toy cars, a couple of decades later Koreans were selling coal haulers with suspicious 10 year warranty, the Chinese of course have internal slave trade manufacturing iPhones, lead laden toys, arsenic coated drywall and assorted goodies, Indians of course employ incompetents working out of rabbit holes and naming rhem call xenters. Yes Adams pricing is suspicious, it's shipping must be a scam and everything must be photoshopped but hey it looks like Adam has been given a promotion from vaporware to scamware. After all India is not too far from Nigeria. Notion ink guys must be related to the Nigerian oil minister.

    • Ray

      There you go...and the US is the biggest terroriser in the world and europe the biggest slave marketer. Give me a break..with your prejudices

    • kula

      Whoever u are you are an a...hole

  • http://www.google.com binarybasher

    I tend to agree... great pics, great specification and great price compared to the galaxy tab... (to sell to the masses you need a great price, look at the Advent Vaga) at this time of year, people are at there weakest, if it's a scam the people behind it will be hanged... I'm still holding out with hope that somebody can make this happen (cash in pocket until an official review).

  • http://www.google.com binarybasher

    Just seen a great response from NotionInk, worth a look... http://notionink.wordpress.com/2010/12/10/introspection/