December 9th has been circled on my calendar ever since Notion Ink unveiled its new site and we found a hidden hint pointing at tomorrow's date. That's when the big Adam reveal and pre-orders are undoubtedly happening, as today Notion Ink posted this teaser, with a single image inside, titled "1.61803399." 1.61803399 happens to be the Golden Ratio, which played a huge part in Adam's design:

image image

As for the single occupant of today's blog post, here it is:


Can you smell what the Rock Rohan is cooking?


Update: Joe points out in the comments that the image above contains some metadata that reads: "Oh you've reached here! So there is a small information for you. I am coming soon, with a Kernel better than out there! :)" Could this be a reference to the new Gingerbread kernel v2.6.35, meaning Adam will be running Gingerbread at launch?

Update #2: Things are getting heated. There are currently over 3000 comments, and now there is a new picture, which shows just a tidbit more of the tablet. The new image also has the following metadata: "All around me you see a strip, which is easily replaceable. So you can make me look white or your ferrari red!" - thanks, Eggcake


Update #3: The veil is now off. The newest secret message reads: ":) Steps coming your way! Stay tuned! For first 6 hours, the first one will get access and then we all!" Rohan hints at his promise to open pre-orders to active blog commenters first and everyone else after that. Still no pre-order link...


Source: Notion Ink blog

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  • Joe

    Artem, you should also make note in your article of the other big easter egg that Rohan and NI inserted into this post. If you download the image shown above from NI's blog page (Adam w/red blanket), and then view the image's properties, you'll see a very interesting hidden message...

  • Joe

    ...and that message reads, "Oh you've reached here! So there is a small information for you. I am coming soon, with a Kernel better than out there! :)"

    Any thoughts on what in the world that might be hinting at??

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Thanks, Joe. Nice spot! I've updated the article with it.

      • Joe

        No problemo. ;)

  • Eggcake

    Refresh their blog...new pic! ;)

  • Ron H in Schenectady

    I cannot wait for this to finally be released!

  • Jakob

    I am 99% sure I want this! Can't wait! So Artem you going to be ordering one of these new toys?!

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      You bet. Hopefully, Rohan will grace us with a review unit first though.

  • SiliconAddict

    Call me jaded, but I'll believe it when it ships. I don't want to use the V word when it comes to the ink.
    But this has been announced and pushed back so many times that until it ships and until it lands in the hands of actual consumers who pronounce it awesome....I'm so very tempted to call vaporware on it. Don't get me wrong. the specs make me want to drool. Its just.....I just keep sensing a letdown in the works here. I really hope I'm wrong so I can get one. We'll see.

    • David Ruddock

      I completely agree. Too good to be true is racing across my mind. I suspect major concessions on hardware power, and I'm willing to bet the PixelQi flip-display model won't be the device that launches initially.

      I absolutely do not trust this company.

      But, I may end up looking like a huge idiot.

  • http://www.guttamind.com NexusCuddler

    All the specs that the Nexus S should've had. :(

  • Narwhal

    What? Why am I supposed to be excited? A non-Gingerbread tablet (come on, don't kid yourselves) running a custom UI?

    Not sure impressed to be honest.

    Renders are cheap

    • http://www.toysdiva.com PixelSlave

      I usually don't like custom UI because I don't trust hardware makers' ability in producing good software and updating their own software. However, I think this one may be different.

      They are not mass produced OEM like HTC, Motorola, etc. They have only one device (a couple variants, but basically the same device.) When there's only one device, their revenue does not come from selling a lot of different devices, but from selling one good device. This gives them an incentive to produce better software and updating more frequently.

      Of course, we will have to see how it plays out in practice. But I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt.

  • Alvin

    Will this come with Android Market?

  • Eggcake

    Yes, it will, but also with its own market ("Genesis").
    I have exactly the same feeling. I'm also very excited about this tablet and if everything is true Rohan posted the last few weeks, it's gonna be LEGEN...you know.
    But I just think it's very suspicuous...look at the comments in their blog...they would kill to preorder a tablet they have never even seen or touched before - just because one guy, who definitely wants to make money with it (nothing bad there!) is telling them it's great.
    Again, as SiliconAddict said: I won't call it vaporware just yet, but everything is just too good to be true. But let's wait some more hours ;)

  • Eggcake

    By the way:

    Hint: "F5" ;)