Just as promised, Comcast has finally brought their Xfinity application to the Android Market (and it's about time). We haven't spent more than a few minutes with it, but that's enough to provide at least preliminary impressions.

At first glance, the app is very attractive and appears to be pretty functional, including its own Comcast mail client, voicemail inbox, TV listings, and a DVR Manager (which takes up to 24 hours to set up). In addition to this, it contains a listing of all On Demand shows, but no On Demand playback is available at the moment. While fully featured, the TV listings portion of the app is very laggy and slow. In fact, when you scroll all the channels, the app takes a while to load, and then occasionally hangs. (This happened on both the HTC Evo 4G and Droid 2, so it wasn't for a lack of power... hopefully the issue will be fixed soon.)

screen screen (1)

Although Artem didn't have the most favorable impression, the few comments there are for the app on AppBrain are positive. Despite the lag and the fact you can't view On Demand media, the app is definitely worth a look if you're a Comcast subscriber - it's certainly not too shabby, especially given that it's just version 1.0. Grab it from the Market and check it out, or hit the source link for the full breakdown on AppBrain.

Source: AppBrain

  • Tonedabone

    After seeing the iPod ver of this app. The android ver lacks. I mean, my wife can sit on the couch and control the cable box from her iPod ie change channels. This function is missing in the android ver. If this app wasn't ready for prime time on Android, they should have not released it till it was IMO.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Why? They are letting you enjoy features that do work while working on the next ones. I don't see how that's worse than not having any features at all and playing catch-up with the iPad (in which case it may never have come out).

  • http://about.me/tcarterross T. Carter

    The email client is flawed in that it lacks a means to select multiple emails for deletion at once. You have to open each bit of junk mail that makes it through the filters and delete it individually.

  • Brandon

    Talk about anti-climatic...

  • Chris Ponciano

    i was hoping for similar to the xfinity app on my ipt4, but worked more like the comcast app from my ipt4, the xfinity version on my fruit i do have to say is usefull for when im lazy and dont want to pick up my harmony remote, you can change channels and play on demand shows right from your fruit device, i cant wait until it comes to my EVO, :)