Launcher Pro, one of the greatest Android homescreen replacements (Sense who?), received an update today with 2 excellent new features: virtual homescreen looping and a Recent Apps dock popup.

The virtual looping feature enables scrolling past the leftmost or rightmost homescreens with a quick bounce-to-the-opposite-end effect. While Fede implemented it this way instead of an endless scroll for technical reasons, I think it's visually a lot better and clearer, as you will still know when you've reached the end and won't feel lost in your own homescreen forest.

Joining SMS, missed calls, and bookmarks, the 2nd feature is a new swipe gesture dock popup called Recent Apps. After you enable it by long pressing the launcher icon (see below), swiping it upwards will bring up a popup with a list of recently used applications. This is not really a groundbreaking feature, as Android already has a Recently Used Apps screen (hold down the Home button to bring it up), but it's a very logical addition that doesn't require holding or waiting. Here's what it looks like:


And here is how I set it up (the first popup is brought up by holding the app launcher icon):

snap20101207_104459_wm snap20101207_103155_wm snap20101207_103159_wm

As always, great work, Fede!


Full changelog follows:

For all users:

  • New “Virtual looping” on homescreens! A ton of people requested loop scrolling on homescreens. The problem is that would be incompatible with Live Wallapers, and it would make most static wallpapers look weird. So instead I decided to use a different approach. When you try to scroll past the last homescreen, LauncherPro will quickly bounce back to the first. Conversely, if you try to scroll before the first screen, it will bounce you forward to the last screen. This effectively gives you loop scrolling (you can scroll indefinitely in any direction) without incompatibility issues or nasty visual side effects. (Enable in Preferences > Homescreen Settings)

For Plus users only:

  • New dock popup: Recent Apps. Will show you a list of your most recently used apps/tasks, so that you can quickly switch between then.
  • New “Clear cache” option for Twitter and Facebook widgets. In order to reduce disk usage and startup time, you should periodically clear the caches which will remove all stored data (tweets, posts, user photos, etc) from LauncherPro. For the Friends widget, you should clear both caches. (Preferences > LP Widget Settings > Twitter widget/Facebook widget)


QR code for https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fede.launcher

Source: Launcher Pro

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  • Joe

    Um, could you possibly have ANY more stuff going on in that status bar? I'm gonna just go ahead and assume you did that to show off for the sake of those screen shots. Seriously?

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      What do I care if you know what I got in my status bar? I did it to illustrate the new feature. Plus, most of the status bar is occupied by Android icons, with only 2 belonging to actual apps.

    • S3nd41

      I actually think that Advanced Controls widget with 10000 buttons is way more ridiculous, can't even click that crap, LOL : D

  • Al

    What is the widget app for all the statuses? I want it

  • al

    What is the widget that has all those settings on/off options...i want that

    • Jaymoon

      Possibly Switch Widget Pro, or Extended Controls. Either way, those and a bunch of others do the same thing.

  • Malaka

    YES i want it too and how do you have a dark status bar?

  • jeremee

    lol @ the comments.
    Not one is actually relating to what the post is about: Launcher pro.

    I like the recent apps addition but the pop-up options are limited. They should now start allowing containers to group apps like 'folder organizer' does. That pop-up would be handy for other things too, not just recent apps.

    • S3nd41

      Lolol, I was thinking exactly the same : P