Earlier today, Engadget posted a pretty sensationalist article (now deleted) implying that Gingerbread OTA updates are being streamed down to Nexus One device owners. Since I haven't seen a single confirmation yet, I grew more and more skeptical. To put an end to all rumors, Google's own Reto Meier just sent out a tweet refuting any OTA rumors and putting the Gingerbread update timeline as "in a few weeks":


And so the wait begins.

Source: @retomeier

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  • Nader

    loooool @ engadget

  • Noel

    Another few weeks!! They should be ready to start sending them out in abt a week or so...hopefully b4 Xmas we should already have GB on our Nexus ones. But i am guessing they will wait till the release of the Nexus S...b4 N1 can get any GB love...

  • RomeSC

    You would think they would want GB to hit N1 before the Nexus S so it can be actively touted by N1 entusiasts (me) getting people drooling for a Nexus S, since it will be the only other way to get 2.3 for months.

    Weird IMO, and annoying to be checking my phone all morning to be told that I'm "a few weeks early" to be doing so...