T-Mobile UK is certainly digging itself into a ditch on this one, and seriously pissing customers off in the process. You can't really blame people for being upset: after promising the Froyo update for Samsung Galaxy S owners by November 30 via FOTA, then reiterating just two days ago that the update was ready to roll out, they've now pushed it back at least a week. Turns out they're also not going to be able to do it over-the-air, either - rather, it's going to be installed with Samsung KIES instead. The official post on T-Mobile UK's support forum:

Hi folks

I've been talking to the handset team and the Samsung people today and the latest news is as follows.
Unfortunately the 2.2 update will not be available via KIES today as expected and Samsung have confirmed that FOTA will not feature as part of this update, but should appear at a later date. Samsung are indicating the firmware will be made available at some point next week.

We'll keep you posted with further updates as we get them.


T-Mobile forum team


[Source: T-Mobile UK Support Forums via TechRadar]

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  • Marc

    Im so glad my Galaxy S is an unbranded one. My friend has a T-Mo one and he full on rages up every time the word "froyo" or the numbers "2.2" get mentioned.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Heh, honestly I'd just root and ROM it, if it were me =X

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/jaroslav-stekl/ Jaroslav Stekl

    Oh, the tale of fail...

  • Martin

    I have a t-mobile branded hand set and I have 2.2. If you really want it all you have to do is take it to any authorised Samsung repair shop and they will update it to 2.2 they. Try it for your self, phone Samsung and ask where your nearest dealer is, phone the shop in question and ask if they can update your phone to the latest software. Build number i9000XXJPP. But the best part is that ITS FREE.

  • Tony

    Ugh why does everyone insist on using acronyms instead of spelling out what KIES stands for, anyways sucks it won't be an OTA(over-the-air see what i did there) update. Guess they'll have to hook up their phones to their computers to get their updates the old fashion way, like how those hipster iphone people have to hehe. Though this is prob just to limit the amount of people updating at once, though i'm not sure why they couldn't just do a slow roll-out over-the-air like everyone else does so as to catch errors before rolling out to everyone at once.

  • Andy

    @ Tony, what Kies stands for? that's like asking what Windows or Paint Shop Pro stand for? its the name of the software supplied by Samsung.

    As for 2.2 being delayed...yet again, i'm on T mobile branded in the UK running 2.1 still but to be honest i'd rather Samsung took their time to iron the bugs out rather than rush things out. It would be better not to keep getting peoples hopes up though with false release dates

  • Kenn

    I have a vibrant, and I think its bull that the Nexus S is now in stors, running 3.0 (!), straight from Google or not - on the same network that is bs'ing about an update to practically the same phone to 2.2 ?!? Sure the NS has SLIGHTLY different guts, but any review will state its not really an upgrade, aside from the software. I'm done with t-mobile once this contracts up, and will probably be rooting my phone this evening.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Nexus S runs 2.3, not 3.0.

      But yea, very aggravating =\