Wow, this went unnoticed for a while, didn't it? On November 23rd, Google's own GoogleinHK YouTube account posted a video walkthrough of the new Google Voice Search in Cantonese. With only 2100 views, this official Google-authored video did not grab anyone's attention, until someone noticed that it featured over a minute of the clearest Gingerbread user interface video we've seen to date. The greens, the blacks - it's all there. Have a look:

Update #2: the original video was pulled but luckily, I found another copy:

Update #3: another mirror, in case Google takes down our YouTube mirror. This one will be a lot harder to take down ;-]

Here are a few images comparing the current Froyo UI to the new one in Gingerbread.

image image

image image

image image

I really dig the new buttons and the greens/blacks are starting to feel like home. If someone could help translate what the new Market tab is saying, that would be great.

Update #1: looks like the new tab is "Related," thanks everyone.

Sources: Android-HK, Android Noodles, thanks @Soyobro

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  • TareX

    WOW... I am, so disappointed. Who would have known I would keep LauncherPro installed on top of the "gorgeous Android makeover" that is Gingerbread?

    Seriously, it seems that the decision to make Gingerbread 2.3 (as opposed to 3.0) was the same decision that had them postpone all the cosmetic changes planned for Gingerbread, to Honeycomb....

    Either that, or Matias Duarte was grossly overpaid...

    I hope Honeycomb is not tablet-exclusive, and that smartphones get it too...

    • XeraT

      It looks visually the same to me as cyanogenmod froyo. I'm most curious what they've changed under the hood now more than ever. I pray to baby Jesus 2.3 includes a Google Talk & Google Voice integration to go along with the front facing camera.

  • simon

    holy crap it was hard to follow that with the language =P

  • pulse

    I wish there was at least English subtitles. Bet I could understand a single word in the whole video

  • Álmos

    Actually, this seems to be a step BACKWARDS! Every single change in the new UI look worse!

  • Omar

    Gingerbread is hideous... Very disappointed.

  • John

    Looks fucking epic, about time for an UI update

  • Havoc

    Its like putting lipstick on a pig, it's still as ugly a pig. I'm losing faith in Google's artistic or styling capability.

    • simon

      who gives a shit about that though? 9 times out of 10, anyone who cares is going to customize it to his/her liking later on anyway.

      • Rakesh Agrawal

        More like 9 times out of 10, someone who cares will buy an iPhone instead.

        • simon

          lol...sad but so darn true

        • http://mindmirror007.blogspot.com alchemist007

          I recommend "you better check yourself, before you wreck yourself!"

        • vernon

          you're mistaken ...why would i wanna be told what to do with my device....yes maybe its not that great visually ( ui) but it has flash wowza

  • Tyler

    I'd just like to say that Gingerbread is a UI update, Honeycomb is supposed to be the makeover.

    Patience, guys, is all it takes.

    • TareX

      Yeah true... it seems they made the decision back when they decided to work on both versions together....

      They should have let people know, though. We all thought GB was the big cosmetic overhaul.

  • dethduck

    I really, really, really hope that a recolouring of the UI isn't ALL that Gingerbread has to offer...otherwise, why bother?

  • dragongunner

    bleh...not impressed at all...if thats all GB has to offer. MIUI is leap years beyond GB IMO

    • http://dangerismymiddlename.com Paul Danger Kile

      Is MIUI or anything else available for Galaxy S I500 Fascinate?

  • http://mindmirror007.blogspot.com alchemist007

    Also, wasn't there some sort of rumor about tabbed browsing in Gingerbread? I don't see any such signs in this video! Also, all icons looks similar to that of Froyo as well!

  • typhoon

    Wtf is this shit? No improvement on Froyo. What a big bag of steaming meh.

  • http://www.thegraphicmac.com Jim

    I feel an incredible urge to laugh my arse off. They've failed to even come close to Apple's GUI in terms of good looks and usability - and as everyone else is pointing out, it doesn't look a whole lot different than what's already available.

    Despite the vocal "geeks" that sound off on sites like this, the overwhelming majority of consumers do not want, nor do they know how to "customize it to his/her liking later on anyway."

  • Jeremy

    To everyone getting upset: there is no evidence that this is GB at all. It could just be a customized Froyo (think Sense UI) for the Chinese market.

    The only differences I could see were the preferences buttons, a few different icons, and different coloring and I'm pretty sure the coloring was just the washed-out blue from the whole "taking a video of a screen under fluorescent lighting" thing.

  • Iain John Morrison

    Wow.... that's a hell of a lot of comments about something NONE OF US has seen yet! You're (mostly) all whining about something you've seen for less than three minutes. Get over yourselves!

    Wait until Google ro release an actual feature list and change log for 2.3. Until then, quit you're whining and play nice.

    PS: The iPhone 4 at the beginning looked really rubbish under the poor lighting in this not-very-high-quality video.

    • iamtellingu

      Shut the F up! It's a free country. We can say whatever we want!

  • http://- CGH

    相關內容 = Related Content
    評論 = Comments
    相關資訊 = Related Information

    Translated the market tab, hope it helps :)

  • http://- CGH


    相關內容 = Similar
    評論 = Comments
    相關資訊 = About

    Translated the market tab correctly, hope it helps :)

  • steve

    You tards, this is no different than what Samsung runs on their outdated 2.1 Galaxy S phones. The UI styles differ by phone, some manufacturers put more polish on than others. There is absolutely nothing new to see here, which is probably why Goog pulled the video originally. It's no different from what is readily available today and is nonsense for the author to draw wider claims about the entire update based on a 2 minute video in a language none of us understand.

    • Iain John Morrison

      Actually, you couldn't be less right if you tried....

      What you see in the video is NOT Samsung's TocuhWiz UI. The Icons are different and the Launcher bar is different. It's not even the same as ANY Manufacturer UI out there at the moment.... so turns out you know even less then everyone else who is whining over what they don't know.

      The only 'major-ish' difference is the market, but that's now being rolled out to 2.2 users over the next few weeks, so at best the video shows an updated market on 2.2. Not a major update to 2.3.

      • steve


        First of all, I own a captivate. If you've never seen one, head on over to your nearest best buy and ask the friendly salesman what this means. Here are some screenshots for you:

        Second, I'm glad your point refuting mine is agreeing with it as well. This is not a phone OS update, the market is an app. If you want to moan over the phone UI and call it some sort of vista, you're all mistaken droid owners who forget what the rest of the market looks like.


        • Iain John Morrison

          One: The is a Galaxy S - different to the Captivate.


          Two: They both run the SAME TouchWiz UI. What is in the video is NOT TocuhWiz.

          There: I'm fully aware that the Captivate and Galaxy S now have 2.2. What I was talking about is an updated Market place that is only being rolled out to 2.2 users. My last paragraph was aimed at the whiners, not you. It's the one point we seem to actually agree on. I'm not moaning about the UI. I'm moaning the people of here that have seen five screen shots and are complaining about an update no one has seen yet.

          Four: The handset in this video is clearly a Nexus One... I own the Nexus One. And as I said before, it's not running a TouchWiz UI - so I'm confused why you brought Samsung up at all.

  • Pramod

    Also look at the bottom of the screen... Its shows off the physical buttons too. which is similar to Galaxy.

    So this will be the Nexus S with Gingerbread

    • Iain John Morrison

      Seriously? It's clearly a Nexus one... where exactly do you see hardware buttons?

  • freya

    I'd just like to say that I have the 'related' button on my HTC desire with 2.2 and it's clearly not a feature of gingerbread, just an updated market. You might have it too, I didn't even notice when it changed

  • Gnex


    • bob


      • Gnex

        Ha! I knew I wasn't the only one that was tempted to click the Gingerbread article :p

        • Paul

          Not only you two...
          Kind of made me a little proud of my Ray which still runs 2.3.. until i saw that article is 3 years old, hah.