Welcome to the weekly roundup of the best new Android applications and games that went live in the Market in the previous week or so. This roundup is a day late, apologies for that - the Theft Aware review stole a lot of my time.

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Best New Android Apps

Team Viewer

Team Viewer is a remote access app done really well. For some reason it's not available on the Market and can be downloaded here: http://teamviewer.com/download/mobile.aspx. See our review of Team Viewer here: [Review] TeamViewer Lets You Remotely Control Your Friends’ Computers, And It Does It Well

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Solipskier is a fast paced skiing game where you draw the slopes to pick up speed and do jumps. Paint your own cliffs, do tricks and slalom through gates to get huge scores! Compete with your friends or worldwide using Open Feint to see who can score the highest.

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Cocktail Frenzy

Cocktail Frenzy is an exciting bar simulation game.
You have to mix together ingredients to prepare drinks for customers before they lose their patience.
Earn money throughout your career and buy new cocktail recipes.

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The full version is finally here! Help Squibble swing, bounce, and slingshot his way home in an epic, fast-paced and fun 2D platformer that’s easy to learn but hard to master. Free Lite version also available. Future updates include bonus areas to explore and conquer at no extra cost!

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The Impossible Game

The best selling iPhone App and Xbox Live Indie Game comes to Android - it's quite possibly the world's hardest game!
The Impossible Game, described by Destructoid.com as "insanely addictive", is a one button platform game, synced to an awesome soundtrack. See how far you can get!

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SMS2PC (mostly undiscovered until now)

Routes new SMS to your PC via WiFi. You can reply directly, and even compose new messages using the integrated address book, all from your PC!
Mac, Windows & Linux

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Southwest Airlines

Traveling with Southwest Airlines is even more convenient with our first Android app. Use your phone to:
*Manage air reservations
*Manage rental car reservations
*Check in for flights
*Check flight status
*Review flight schedules
*Access your Rapid Rewards account
*Access helpful contact information

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Astral Commander LITE

In this simple yet addictive drawing game you take on the role of Astral Commander. Your mission is to direct high tech robots to collect resources for base construction on alien planets. Open fire on enemies if things get serious.
- easy to pick up
- 5 levels with a good learning curve
- survival mode
- global high scores

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"DroidShooting" is AR (augmented reality) applied a new type of shooter ever!
Target is not necessarily just in front. Shoot for your device to a target approaching from all directions!
The game system is fully linked to the real world, Kind of experience you will never previously experienced.

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Fancy Widget Pro

Clock and Weather Widget
- Clock with 12/24 hour format
- Weather forecast
- Celsius/fahrenheit temperature
- Geolocation for weather or search city by name/zipcode
- Configurable refresh interval
- Automatic sunset/sunrise time calculation
- Skin support
- Weather animations

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MP3 Music Box

Search and download any MP3 music. Set downloaded songs as ringtone.
Millions of songs in the database.
Fantastic collection of music charts. Weekly charts updates.
No piracy. All rights reserved to their owners.
SD-card and a lot of free space is required ;-)

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Angry Birds unlock all levels

Only for rooted device!!!
Want to unlock all levels of angry birds /angrybirds?
Use this application, it's free. It will replace a file by one with all levels, 10 000 points per level (1 star), so you can improve the score (don't want to kill the game). It will erase your previous scores!

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Winter Dreams Live Wallpaper

Fade away into a magic Christmas winter dream with in this interactive, animated live wallpaper.
Like this app, get the DONATION VERSION to help us out for the holidays!
-Realistic interactive time snow effects (moves when you slide your screen)
-Twinkling star light
-Scrolling hi-res wide screen background

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Tron Live Wallpaper

Tron (blue) beam of light Livewallaper.
~Android 2.1 or higher
~Uninstall before update

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Hamster powered clock!
I ams Timester and I runs your clocks. I usually has lazy and likes big belly to rubs. But no mores. I have clocks to runs!
I runs, I sleeps, I chills, and mores.

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RSA SecurID Software Token

This is the BETA version of the RSA SecurID Software Token app for Android. It is only intended for participants of the RSA Early Access program and is not supported by RSA Customer Support.

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CopyAndPaste Alpha Release

Just an application I made to help me practice Android application development. It is meant to improve text selection and provide a way to copy and paste text in all applications.

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The worlds first ever picnic defence simulator.
Fire Nomster at the greedy birds using his hastily constructed catapult & defend your sweet treats down to the last crumb. With 18 mission stages, 4 challenge stages, OpenFeint & a whole cast of cake snaffling birds, Must.Eat.Birds is bursting with goodness & value for money.

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Music Junk

Amazing storage of free music. Search and download any song you want for free.
Supported by all Android platforms.

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BattleZone 3D

BattleZone is a team-based massively multiplayer 3D online game dedicated to armored warfare.In BattleZone you can get into the epic tank battles of World War II with other steel cowboys all over the world. Tanks includes 8 classic vehicles from Germany and Russia, based on history.

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LiveView PowerAMP Plugin

A simple plugin for LiveView devices. It lets you control any player controllable via headset with LV buttons:
- up/down - volume up/down
- left/right - previous/next track
- select - play/pause


Image from xda-developers

Black ADW Theme

Icon & Dock Theme for ADW.
**ADW Launcher Required**
Icons for Stock Applications and more.
Color Matching Wallpapers incl.
To Apply: ADW Settings > ThemePrefs > SelectTheme > Apply
**To change AppDrawer button**
Create Custom Shortcut > Launcher Actions > Open/Close AppDrawer then drag onto default button

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Doodle Dash

Doodle Dash is an action game, playable and simple to control.
Doodle protagonist is a brave warrior, running in a different world, the eradication of ninjas, mummies, vampires and more!
Run as much as possible during the collection of weapons and life, to be a higher score.
Do the dash. Do the Doodle Dash!

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Watch your favorite Revision3 shows on the go on your Android phone with the official Revision3 app!
We've made it quick and easy to watch your favorite shows from the Revision3 lineup, so if you're into Diggnation, Film Riot or Tekzilla, it doesn't matter - they're all here for you to watch and enjoy!

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Full Tilt Poker Rush Mobile

One more addition to the roundup was supposed to be Full Tilt Poker Rush Mobile, but it has been pulled from the Market for "technical reasons." Whether it will be put back or not is unknown.

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