Gameloft, one of Android's top quality game publishers, announced today its partnership with Sprint, which will bring Epic 4G and EVO 4G owners an exclusive buy-one-get-one-free HD game opportunity.

Here are the instructions for the aforementioned devices:

  1. Connect through 3G. Please note WiFi and 4G will not work.
  2. Using your HTC EVO or Samsung EPIC phone, check into the Sprint Zone
  3. Within the Sprint Zone, click through to our Gameloft app (this can be found under “Suggested Apps”): http://wapshop.gameloft.com/us/sprintchannel/hdplus
  4. You’ll see our “Buy One, Get One Free” promotional banner. Click to get the deal.

According to Gameloft, this promo will run through the holidays, presumably including Christmas and the New Year.

Gameloft's Android titles currently include:


Source: Gameloft

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  • Jaymoon

    FYI, you can simply go to the link posted in the instructions on your EVO/Epic, and the Black Friday banner still shows.

    I have no clue what Sprint Zone is, nor does it sound like anything my rooted Evo with the WARM rom wants.

  • bhtoque

    Way to kill a great offer. You can only get some of the titles as the free one. If you want Asphalt 5 and Assasin's Creed or Real Soccer and H.A.W.X. you're SOL

    I think someone at Gameloft is off their meds. The games are all $4.99 and even the clunker of the bunch (Uno) isn't available as your free choice.