The folks over at XDA-developers have prepared an exclusive treat for all of us who are patiently (and impatiently) awaiting both Gingerbread and the Nexus S. One of their sources managed to get ahold of the upcoming flagship device from Samsung, which, as we all know, runs Gingerbread. He even spilled some beans on the specs:

  • ArmV7 CPU
  • Open GL ES Supported
  • 512 or 328MB Ram (Not 100% known)
  • 1GB or 2GB Internal Memory (Not 100% known)
  • 800×480 Screen Resolution
  • 4″ Screen Size
  • SuperAmoled2 – Possibly
  • 720P HD Video

Update: There was an update posted over at XDA claiming that the CPU is indeed a dual core Orion Cortex A9 running at 1GHz:

UPDATE: 11/25/10 13:20 PST: According to our source we have a Confirmed Dual Core Orion 1GHz CortexA9 running inside the Nexus S, we Can’t verify this ourself and are waiting for further verification. Stand by for more pics/specs this afternoon.

Without wasting any more time, let's jump directly to the photos, shot in the best traditions of Mr. Shaky Hands Studios. The photos show the updated UI, which is now greener, blacker, grayer, and generally darker and more square-ish, as well as the curves and the plasticky bezel, which I'm not a fan of at all. Not many other changes from Froyo, which is probably why this release did not qualify for a full version bump to 3.0:

image image image

image image image

The rest of the photos, showing the phone from the sides, are simply awful (also, I love the "xda" scribbled on one of them). Have at it though - see if you can make anything out:

image image image

Source: XDA-developers

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  • AdamZ

    I like the color changes... but I'm not sure I like the squared off edges of everything. Kind of looks like a step back. (Mainly the bottom bar on the Dialer and the Phone/App Drawer/Browser bar...)
    - AdamZ

  • Farooq

    I am not going to like it unless it has a metallic body like Wave or Omnia 7.

    • TareX

      Holding the Intercept in my hands, it BAFFLES ME how Samsung wouldn't go for the same metallic build quality for its highest end Androids...

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        Hey, I see you got your prize ;-]

        • TareX

          It was love at first "slide-up-the-qwerty" :)

          I was so excited I even made an unboxing video... but the problem is I have a fugly moustache (it's Movemeber - doing it for prostate cancer cure) so I'm not sure I'll go public with it :D Maybe next week when I shave this monstrosity...

  • i.g. khan

    i hope this nexus s flops like a hell as they lied to us as there wont be any nexus two now they put nexus S WTF Eric Schmidt

  • Somebody

    Pure trash. This is not a nexus, its a samsung.

  • Somebody

    And what's with all the purple? I hope that's a samsung invention and not part of android.

  • DKarvis

    You guys should check the post again, it was updated.
    The "~328MB Ram" is not verified, and etc.

  • TareX

    I hate the plastic. I hate the plastic.

    It's strange how ONE thing can completely ruin an otherwise perfect phone. I will wait to see it side by side with the Motorola Olympus (At&t's new iPhone after the exclusivity deal is over)

  • Ocu Jos

    Nexus One with a custom ROM still rocks! The only thing worth mentioning on S is the nice 4" Super AMOLED screen.

  • Slie

    Anyone know if the screen is curved as well?

  • Marcus

    Why would it 328MB of RAM, that's less the the Nexus 1.

  • narwhal

    Dude, they could take a phone, coat it in shit and if it hasn't an unlocked bootloader, I'll buy it.

  • http://iprasad.tk Prasad

    Not impressive as I had thought...

  • jason

    i wish they would have adopted the home screen static bar like in launcherpro into stock android. why are we still given the dialer, apps and web browser thing? can't we at least be allowed to select what 4 items we want on that bar like on the iphone. this is getting ridiculous.

    the overall look is improved to me though from what little we've seen.

  • Nazir khan

    Man where is the huge update in user interface...seems almost same to me.

    I think I am gonna be disappointed...maybe its just me...I had something like Windows 7 user interface in mind...hope I get over it.

    Got a nexus one on standby and finger on the check update button still:).

    Go gingerbread.