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Last Updated: April 9th, 2011

While Notion Ink's website for the amazing Adam tablet revealed a whole bunch of drool-worthy specs when it launched on Monday, one thing it didn't reveal was the Adam's release date... at least not directly. You see, it turns out that the release date (or something related to it, like a preorder launch, anyways) was hiding in the upper right corner all along, albeit in binary form:

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Our tipster, Josh, first noticed this text on the site the day it went live, and it has decreased by exactly one number every day since (on Monday, it was 10001; yesterday, it was 10000, and today, it is 01111). A novice user might stop there and continue with his or her life, but Josh Cooter, always hungry for more, soon came to realize that "10001" is binary for "17." When it decreased on Tuesday to "10000," or "16," and today again, to "01111," aka "15," it became clear that something Adam-related would be going down on December 9th, which is exactly 17 days from Monday, 16 days from Tuesday, and 15 days from today.

I don't want to get anyone's hopes up, but this lines up very nicely with the promised December timeline, and you bet I am going to pencil December 9th right into my calendar.

Oh, and if anyone is still not convinced, have a look at this:


Oh, by the way, in case you didn't know, Rohan Shravan is the CEO of Notion Ink. Winking smile

Source: Notion Ink Adam Website

Thanks for the tip, Josh!

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  • Joe

    NICE! And thanks to Android Police for not only covering the pending launch of NI's Adam, but for doing so in such a positive and glowing manner! Can't wait for the Adam!

  • http://instantmoneypages.com Bo

    Awesome! Right now on the site there's "1110" and "-D5720A80" right below! What does the latter mean, anyone know?

  • James

    originally saw this posted on NotionAddicts, a Notion Ink forum. then i see a thread on that site which talks about this. i have put link to that thread below


  • http://www.digiblogger.de digiblogger

    So... nice news... but... wrong?

    Yes It is a countdown.
    But did you see the source code?
    There was "revealing mystery feature" in html-comment-brackets.

    Yes, it would be nice when preorder launches... but i don´t think so, because while the comment was postet on some websites, html source code was made hidden for analysis now...