Despite the fact that Gingerbread is set to be released in the next few weeks, some of us are still waiting for an update to a version of Android two decimal places behind - Android 2.1, aka Éclair. Such is life for owners of AT&T's Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 who, after jealously watching as Scandinavian X10 owners received the update on Halloween night, are being told that 2.1 has been delayed yet again for their devices. This time, SE is blaming "especially rigorous" testing as the cause of the procrastination, stating that there are "technical requirements that must be met" in the US that are apparently not an issue in other countries. Of course, the company's keeping the details very hush-hush, but if I had to guess, that "especially rigorous" testing exclusive to the US probably has something to do with AT&T, who has yet to issue a Froyo upgrade for any of its handsets. Let's just hope that Sony will be a bit more expeditious with updates on the rumored PlayStation Phone.

Source: Sony Ericsson USA (Facebook) via Engadget

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • SMV

    I think there is a conspiracy between Apple and AT&T. If you looked at the best android phones they are not on AT&T. Compare Verizon, Sprint, Voda-phone, and T-Mobile. AT&T lags behind in the version and features for android phones. This is going to a constant battle for AT&T consumers unless they switch to other carriers. Sony Ericsson will never be a Top phone supplier unless they improve their relationship with AT&T and more aggressive in delivering consumers better and easier options.

    • AT&T Customer Left Unupdated 4 Sony X10

      Agreed......everything in my home is currently AT&T... AT&T U-Verse, Home Phone, DSL to include my Sony Ericsson X10 with unlimited internet access... I am increasingly losing patience with AT&T and there lagging attitude when it comes to this update for over a year now....what is the delay!... when the rest of the world already has Android 2.1 for the Sony Ericsson Experia X10. I am very seriously considering changing all of my services from AT&T to another carrier. My disatisfaction has definitely increased..... AT&T has gotten to arrogant and too big for their own britches. Time to make a change.... I would encourage others to do the same! ...As they say "AT&T".... "Your World... Destroyed"

  • VSF

    You are naive and wrong. Phones like the EVO was locked on Sprint, Verizon also locked the Droid. These are CDMA based phones, they exclusives. AT&T don't need either of them because the iPhones and Blackberry are selling very well. Now, we're assuming their iPhone exclusivity will be gone and they will be using their subsidies to acquire other handsets.

    There's no conspiracy, it's all business dollars and sense.

  • CJ

    Well I am confused... I just bought the X10 and found the update to 2.1 on Sony Ericsson website and dl'd it... So is my guess right that when I try to update my AT&T X10, it will not update properly to version 2.1?
    AT&T has sure gone downhill when it comes to the technical and support side of things...

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/jaylost JayLost

    dude this really does suck i thought we were gunna get the update,...well guess im screwed again ....pfff i tried to update and it said my phone is up to date.....1.6 LAME!!!!!

  • Jignesh

    Hi I went to ATT store and New firmware will be in our hand in 2 weeks....
    I am so excited

  • Diane

    2 weeks huh? I've heard that so many times that the little boy who cried wolf is more likely to get me to believe him when he's screaming it from an indoor Jacuzzi. They're taking so long so they can preload it with crap you won't be able to delete and disable things you want to use without paying extra (ie: tethering and using the phone as a hotspot and apparently they, with other major service providers, asked congress to pass a bill stating that you have to use their services such as navigator, to the point where you can't even google or download the good free ones on the devices, nevermind use them. No more google maps and latitude, only pay me more money for crappier programs on ALL providers because the bill did pass. Its long and involves anything and everything to do with internet as well as intranet. No joke. They're taking forever because, as usual, the companies that over charge want to charge more and have near complete control over you and your device(s). And they wonder why americans root, unlock and mod our very expensive devices all time... hmmm...

  • still2.1less

    so pissed at large company control over something so simple as a software update!
    t( '_' t)

  • haz3

    it pisses me off so bad. why cant they just get the god damn update out already

  • Bob

    Two weeks has come and gone. Still no update. Everyone should do as I did, and file a complaint with the FTC. I purchased the X10 on the condition that it was upgradable to 2.1, and if AT&T doesn't make it available, that is fraud.

  • BigWill

    Wake up people AT&T do not update Android phones period so don't hold your breath for anything pass 1.6 us Dell Streak owners went thu the update in 2 weeks lye for months I caution anyone looking into a Android phone not to deal with AT&T or you'll be stuck with an outdated P. O. S

  • dune17856

    AT$T is absolutely the worst about this update. Sign this petition to help put some pressure:


  • Frederick

    I'm thinking of flashing and rooting my Xperia. I have waited for months,now I'm tired of waiting. It CAN be done,and the phone works MUCH better with the update.