Welcome to the weekly roundup of the best new Android applications and games that went live in the Market in the previous week or so.

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Best New Android Apps


Stuck without a place to stay at the last minute? Pick the exact neighborhood and star level you want and save up to half-off when you bid for a hotel. Start with real winning bids from actual priceline customers and then check out right on your phone. Or browse photos, reviews, and guest scores to find the perfect hotel.

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Egnyte Cloud File Server addresses three critical needs – online file storage, file sharing and backup. The Egnyte Android application enables you to access your files from anywhere, make changes which are automatically synced to the cloud, enabling easy file sharing between team members.

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Why you need shopkick:
#1 GREAT DEALS: Deals at Target, American Eagle, Best Buy, Macy’s, Simon Malls, Sports Authority & more
#2 COLLECT: Get rewards like gift cards, Facebook credits and movie tickets for WALKING into stores, SCANNING or CHECKING IN.
WALK into our partners in NYC, LA, SF, Chicago, and Miami. More coming.

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Have you ever been early in the morning or late at night, very tired on a train or a bus, with the fear to fall asleep? Don’t worry!!!
From now on you can use Napsy on your phone!!!
Napsy it’s a really easy Gps alarm to use, you will be awaken when you’ll be reaching your destination!
Please...Relax now!

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Schlage LiNK

Complement your Schlage LiNK™ system with this Android application.
Remotely monitor your doors, grant entry to your home, view live video and control other z-wave devices enrolled with the Schlage LiNK™ web portal.
Don’t have a Schlage LiNK™ system yet? Go to http://link.schlage.com to find out how to get one today.

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Wikinvest Portfolio

Wikinvest Portfolio lets you track all of your investment accounts in one place. Link your brokerage account and import holdings from 60+ brokerages, or set up your portfolio manually on Wikinvest.com. Supported brokerages include Scottrade, Schwab, ETrade, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, Vanguard, Merrill Lynch, and Sharebuilder.

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My Schedule

From the creator of System Info Widget, My Schedule displays calendar events in the notification window, allowing quick access to your important events.
• Date range
• Calendar icons
• Update frequency
Calendars & Events:
• Manage urgent events
• Display "friendly" dates
• Multiple calendar support
• Create new events from status bar

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PhoneMarks is an application that allows synchronisation of bookmarks between Google Chrome and your Android phone.
This will require the PhoneMarks Chrome Extension installed on your desktop - search for 'PhoneMarks' in the Chrome Extensions.
Note: May support Samsung phones - some users install ok.

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MX Moto (Lite)

Get ready to be a crazy motorist! Run as fast as you can, perform flips to get bonus. Fresh art style, perfect physics, and lots of interesting details such like destructible motorbike & motorist, deadly bombs and etc. Let’s see who is on the high score board.
Purchase full version to get more tracks and remove ads.

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MP3 Music Download Advanced

Enjoy Million of Free Songs just by Advanced MP3 Music Download! Even you can read the lyric while listening!
+Search & Download Free MP3 Music,Lyric
+MP3 Music Play Online & Local
+Manage the information of your songs

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Black Friday App

* Browse "leaked" and verified Black Friday ads right on your phone
* Save items to your own Shopping List
* Go directly to retailer's web sites to buy online (when available), or find a store near you
* Search/browse to find exactly what you need
* Share Black Friday ads and deals via Twitter, Facebook, and Email

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Tunee Music

Download mp3 music with the smallest and the most powerful music & lyrics finder.
- search, download and preview millions of mp3 using greatest music storage
- search lyrics
- enjoy ultra speed and nice design

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Chase Mobile

Our Chase Mobile (SM) App for Android (TM) makes it easy for you to bank on the go 24/7.
If you’re enrolled in Chase Online (SM), you can pay bills and credit cards, see account balances, locate a Chase branch or ATM, transfer money and even make a deposit.
Some features are only available for eligible accounts.

Android Police coverage: Official Chase Mobile Android App With Online Check Deposits Hits The Market [Hands-On]

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DISH Remote Access

Watch your home TV on your Android device!* Also includes a DVR manager, searchable program guide, and virtual remote control. A must-have app for DISH subscribers. Visit dish.com/tveverywhere for details.
*Watch TV feature requires a ViP™ 922 Slingloaded™ DVR, or a ViP™ 722 or ViP722k DVR with Sling Adapter accessory.

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Market Autoupdate Bulk Toggle (root)

Quickly and easily toggle automatic updates for all of your installed Market apps.
NOTE: This app will not affect system apps, such as Google Maps, YouTube, etc.


Mad Maks

Mad Maks Full is an entertaining arcade shooting game. As the pilot of your battle Mak, defend your units and dodge waves of enemy attack in order to deliver your forces to victory!

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3D Matrix Live Wallpaper

3D Matrix Live Wallpaper is the most realistic Matrix character raining effect. It's an alternative way to personalize your style.
Please make sure your phone supports the live wallpaper feature.
You can also download the 2D version by searching Best Matrix Live Wallpaper.

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WhoIsIt provides:
* Setup different ringtones and vibration patterns for Gmail, SMS and MMS for each contact
* Announce incoming caller and SMS/MMS sender
* Define different volume/vibration profiles
* Assign VIP contacts for phone calls, Gmail, SMS and MMS
* Allow VIPs to ring if phone is on Silent
* Profile Widget

Android Police coverage: Set Custom Ringtones And Vibrations For Different Contacts’ Calls, Messages, And Emails Using WhoIsIt

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OpenTTD (great for tablets)

OpenTTD is an open source simulation game based upon Transport Tycoon Deluxe.
Online multiplayer games are available.
Data files are 20 Mb.

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Compass 3D

This is augmented reality application, add 3D compass to the live camera view in real-time

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U.S. Army Survival Guide

Put the entire U.S. Army survival guide on your phone, offline. Install on sd card(2.2 or later)
Uses: hiking, backpacking, biking, camping, hunting, skiing, outdoors, snowmobiling, running

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Quick Cite

Scan your books.
Rock your world.
Need to cite a reference but don’t remember proper citation formatting? Simply snap a picture of a book’s barcode and receive a citation for the book to your email Inbox! Choose from APA, MLA, Chicago, or IEEE styles.

Android Police coverage: University Of Waterloo Students Start 7cubed: 7 Students, 7 Days, 7 Apps

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Bonecruncher Soccer

Feint Enabled -Bonecruncher Soccer™ is a high-intensity, adrenaline filled, primal version of the sport. The rules as we know them do not exist.
Set in a 3D stadium, you have to guide your player as you dodge the savage defenders from the opposition and try to score that perfect goal.
Requires 18MB download on first run

Note from Artem: this game is a bit older than a week, but we've only just found it, and it looks great.

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