Ever grow bored of the stock Android transitions?  Well, if you're like me and you have, take a quick look at the brilliant work done by XDA-Developers forum member Magnus Ragnar.  Magnus has found a way for developers to build custom transitions into their ROMs. I should warn you that this is not for the feint of heart, and it goes without saying that your device needs to be rooted. Take a look at the video below to check out some of the sweet custom transitions and visit the source link for the full breakdown along with detailed instructions.

Source: XDA-Developers

  • givequicheachance

    Where are the landscape/portrait orientation change transitions?

  • pax

    where the hell is video?

    • Coldman

      Right here on this page.

      • pax

        Thanks...I see it now, but did not load the first few tries!!

  • micah
  • matt

    How is this new? Editing the animations in the framework has been possible since day one and is extremely simple to do

    • iNo

      Then how come no dev implemented it, Matt?

      • Timmy

        cuz it's useless