If you use AppBrain for all of your Android app downloads, then you'll want to update the app as soon as possible: the latest update to version five includes all of the following awesome new features:

  • Details page for every app
  • Related apps tab
  • Ability to share through any sharing app on your phone
  • Fast Web Installer now integrated
  • Fast Sync Widget

Unfortunately, the integration of the Fast Web Installer probably won't help thanks to the new Market update breaking it, but with plenty of other new features this update is still pretty substantial.


Source: AppBrain

  • Just Some Guy

    Don't get me wrong i like, i mite go as far as to say "LOVE" Google, but to me Google is being a bully about that because all they have to do is release a fix to app-brain and thats that. but what make the point a hard sell is Google wants to do that them self from there web search site, :ie taking them out of the way.

    what funny to me back on my hero when i was on android 1.6 cdma i use this app because it looked better then the market then and also because it keep a backup of apps that i installed.

    so some mite say whats a good fix for all of this well i think Google should just buy the app-brain/app/website and brand it with Google. keeping the staff and letting them run it the way its ran now and with that AB's happy GOGO's happy hell WE all happy, well this is just an idea hope they work something out because unlike "Bing" buying AB is a smart move!