• Max

    I'm very happy about this!

    I was getting jealous of the Bank of America app. Although I'll never bank with them again.

  • David

    Thanks for the great review. As a credit card customer of theirs thanks to the Wamu purchase this will be handy.

  • Jakub Glodek

    Nice App, I still think USAA beats it as it also has Car Shopping options and Car Insurance Claim input right on your phone.

  • tfh

    Can't deposit checks over $1,000. Really? Except for the one paycheck I get a month, I don't deposit checks...so much for that convenience.

  • John A

    Great app but the deposit feature is very difficult. The camera always uses the flash which makes it difficult to take a good pic of a check. After 10 tires I decided to call it quicks and just use the ATM instead.

    • Jakub Glodek

      Have you tried to put a finger over your flash?

      • John A

        I did just now and it worked. Hey thanks a lot that was a good idea!

    • http://xda Dan G.

      I had a hell of a time trying to get it to work. First try on my dark bedsheets and it worked, with flash on.

  • Ravinder Saini

    This is a great app and long awaited addition to Android World. Being a Chase customer I am delighted to install this app on my touch 4G.

  • jeff

    I tried a few times with no luck. Then I held the phone/camera further from the check. It took a better picture and let me make the deposit.

    I have been waiting for this app for quite some time.

    Thanks CHASE!!

  • Kim

    My chasemobile app does nto have the deposit option on it. Not happy.

    • Amber

      I have HTC Evo and having the same issue. I can check balance, account activity and pay bills but no deposit option. How do I get it?

      • Jessy A

        @Amber- did you ever get that quick deposit fixed??

        • nubs1256

          Whats the problem and the other hand won't get it to work

    • margaret

      I had to use the main menu button on bottom of phone keys & then it has all the info there ...Took me forever but that was where its at

  • Shane

    I cannot get it centereed even though it is in my frame. Then it keeps ZOOMING it so large it is blurry I was having to climb in a chair and NEVER got a picture that was worth sending. My phone is brand new and takes great picture on its own but not with their system. Chase needs to fix it so we can upload from our OWN images instead of their crappy system.

  • Cindy

    i deposited my check saturday and it's still pending. is that normal? If i would have known this I would have just went to the bank. other then that I love this app.

  • Dino

    i have an android and i have the app but it wont allow me to take a picture it said "your camera is not compatible with chase QuickDeposit.Please take your check to the nearest Chase branch or chase depositfriendly(SM)ATM" does anyone know why it wont allow me???

    my phone is a HUAWEI ASCEND M860

    • Angel G.

      Dino, let me know if you've solved your problem, because I have the same issue

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/2010/11/19/official-chase-mobile-android-app-with-online-check-deposits-hits-the-market-hands-on/ Stephen

    i down loaded the app for my LG Ally 'droid and can't see the check scan app, just account balances. would like some guidiance as to what i need to do to get the app to work correctly.

  • Tim

    Right after you log into to chase mobile it shows you your account's with current balance in them, if you hit the menu button on your phone it will bring up an additional set of options, I haven't used it yet, but the post before me scared me about it taking extra long on penning, I get paid on friday's get off after banks close put my check into the ATM, and it normally clears my check by tuesday. if it takes longer then that I am going to be pissed :P

  • Kurt

    Nice concept BUT deposit is absolutely HORRIBLE on a Motorola Droid. I tried all suggestions above with no luck (covered flash, different materials for dark backgrounds, etc..). Off to the branch tomorrow...

  • http://www.opcit.com nrandom

    I love this app, with the huge caveat that it only works for domestic (US) checks. I sell a lot of books internationally, and I got an order from Canada, paid by check. Since there are no Chase branches in New Mexico, I was thrilled at the idea of doing the quick deposit. But, no go. A generic message appears (saying 'please verify the transit and routing number'). The Chase phone support was great, but the only option is to take the check to a branch or mail it in. Even the check scanning (non-android) app won't accept international. It would be nice to add international as an option for deposits -- they put international on hold for weeks anyway, so why not accept them and alert us when the funds are cleared?

  • http://honorpipes.com Larry

    I found it very difficult to get a picture that is clear enough for Chase. Then when it finally did work, some of my deposits were rejected by a live person as much as a month later. This is a real problem. I had to go to the branch and redeposit them. Also, I get many checks from the same company, usually the same amount. I keep getting an error message that I am trying to deposit the same check twice. There should be a manual method of entering the routing number, account number, AND CHECK NUMBER. If the picture is not good enough, it should let you enter the numbers manually. I do not want to have to take the picture more than once. If they intend to review and possibly reject the deposit, they should not say "deposit accepted". They should say "accepted for review". There is a real danger of incurring bank fees by having legitimate deposits rejected after having been led to believe that all was well. Chase needs to improve the software. I love the idea, but cannot trust the people have conceived it. They appear to be so security conscious that they have generated banking and financial issues.

  • http://honorpipes.com Larry

    Consider how you would feel if you made a mobile deposit and Chase said that the deposit was accepted. Then you see it on the ledger marked "pending". The next day you see it no longer pending and you think all is well. So, you discard or misplace the check. Then, up to a month later you see on your ledger that a "research adjustment" has been made and the amount of the check has been removed from your account. This means that a live person has reviewed the pictures and decided that they were not clear enough after all. Now what? What if the person issuing the check no longer has the funds in the account? Sorry, but I need to know beyond a doubt that a deposit is final once it clears overnight. Chase, please improve the software. It is a great idea, but not useable at this time.

  • Dino

    i have an android and i have the app but it wont allow me to take a picture it said “your camera is not compatible with chase QuickDeposit.Please take your check to the nearest Chase branch or chase depositfriendly(SM)ATM” does anyone know why it wont allow me???

    my phone is a HUAWEI ASCEND M860

    • Serix

      I just got the same message when trying to use Chase QuickDeposit on a HUAWEI U8180 with Android 2.2.2 & Chase Mobile App 2.4
      ("Your camera is not compatible with Chase QuickDeposit. Please take your check to the nearest Chase branch or Chase DepositFriendly(SM) ATM.")

      • IME

        My Motorola Flipside gets the same message. I believe it is because the camera doesn't have variable focus, and the app developers feared they would not be able to get a crisp image.

    • Sue Parks

      I have an LG Ally, and I get the message: "There was an error connecting to the camera, please try again. My camera works with other apps that use the camera....I contacted Chase about 3 weeks ago, still no solution.

  • LuckyDog

    i have tried to download the Android app and still cannot get to the quick deposit area. Any suggestions? Yes, I do have the ability with my account, I checked with the bank.

  • eggblasta

    waiting for chase to call me back... this should be at least another month =(

  • Bill Matlock

    I dont seem to be able to pull up the check deposit online feature on my android. I had no problem with my Iphone3g. Can someone walk me thru it?

  • aex

    How am I supposed to log into it

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Unless you're mentally challenged, I'm going to say stop trolling. There's no need to post 3 messages asking the same thing either.

      You log in with your Chase login and password, how else do you log in?

  • Tylerkovalcin

    When I log in, i'm told ivalid id or password. But they're not wrong. I can log on online just with the app. Someone explain.

  • bunnyybunnyy

    Can you download this app on Android 1.5?

  • GMan

    When will Chase release a Windows Mobile app? BOA has and it works great.

  • dickie

    I LOVE IT... just tried it for the first time moments ago, saves me a trip to the bank atm!

  • Lisa Hoffman

    Well it will not work (Quick Deposit with the Kyocera Rise, I know for sure, I have installed it and uninstalled it and talked to bank people, scanned in the bar code, all sorts of methods, made sure I was signed up for mobile banking, I can't think what else to do... it recognized my device before downloading, so I am baffled as to why the Quick Deposit doesn't work. This is the main feature that I wanted an Android phone for. So disappointed. Let me know if it works on anyone elses Kyocera Rise w/ the keyboard slider... I sure would love to know that I am doing something wrong!!!

    • Uhlizza

      I have since found out the problem, the camera is not good enough without auto focus it will not download the version where quick deposit is available. I hope that Chase takes another look at this feature and gives a person the option to enter the routing number, account number, etc.. If anyone knows or hears that they might be doing this I would certainly love to know!

  • jon

    I have been trying all day to do an online deposit. But after I take a pic of the back... the screen flips and it goes back to the home page where I need to log in again. Wth??

  • sony of a. fruck

    How do u make a chase account