To end our relatively calm and Gingerbread-less Friday, I present to you The Evolution Of Android - a stop motion animation created by YouTube user droidsans. It's kind of like our Meet Andy: Android's History In A Nutshell, except it's not. And it's got a twist at the end. Can you guess what it is?

My favorite part was when Andy spit it (I'm still not telling you what "it" is - watch the video) out - thanks for making our Friday night a little more fun, droidsans!

[Bonus] To finish the night off, here is an Apple keyboard autocorrect fail:


Got one better?

Source: YouTube, Damn You Auto Correct

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  • Kane

    Lmao. He spit it out and went on his way. Awesome.

  • http://blog.3dmap.me bbq

    I guess the HQ version hasn't yet rendered on YT; fun in 360p none the less! I was sort of expecting to see Andy split it and expose some seeds on his way to gingerbread ;^)

  • http://sdf the man

    LOL, damn funny. Missing gingerbread though ;(. so sad

  • http://stuarthalliday.com/ Stuart Halliday

    Cute. I hope the guys didn't get too sick eating all those buns making this... :)