Samsung, which has been under fire from consumers for repeatedly delaying Android 2.2. updates on their Galaxy S line of phones, recently posted an announcement for its Canadian customers on Bell, TELUS, and Rogers. In the announcement, Samsung apologized for delaying the long-awaited update and cited rigorous testing as the current stage of the rollout process.

Now, keeping in mind that these are just estimates, have a look at the upgrade timelines for your Canadian Galaxy S device:

  • Vibrant from Bell and Captivate from Rogers will be up first in the middle of December
  • Fascinate from TELUS will not get upgraded until all the way to the beginning of 2011

It's quite sad that Gingerbread, the Android version following Froyo, will be released long before Froyo itself makes it to the biggest flagship device series Samsung offers and long after their European and Korean counterparts.

Regardless, we'd like to thank Samsung Canada for the update on the situation, and remind it that if it fails to meet the estimated timelines set by itself, a lot of Canadians will be upset to the point of turning away from Samsung and going for someone with a bit more agility.

Source: Samsung Mobile Canada Facebook via Android Guys

Image credit: Android Spin

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  • Adam

    I think they're just doing this to irritate the US owners.

  • jk

    thats unfair.! what about US galaxy s line users? we want news or datelines for our froyo so we don't wait and hope like btches.! grrrrrrrrrrh

  • AS

    Wow and I thought it was bad in the UK with Late november+

  • bob

    I wouldnt get pissed off yet i live in canada i have low expectations that samsung will follow through on there promise there just jerking us off like u guys f u samsung

  • http://www.ParaglidingMap.com Boink

    It's a pity Samsung have delayed Froyo so much. I ditched Motorola because they had great hardware and rubbish software. Be warned Samsung: I will do the same to you! You have taken an Agile, open-source framework and removed one of it's key differentiators - the fast development cycle.

    Samsung: If you don't release Froyo this year, I will buy an another brand next time, and that's a promise. And if you don't release Gingerbread later, I will also switch brands and badmouth you to everyone I know. I'm an Android developer, and seriously annoyed about this delay.

  • lilstever

    This is why you should never buy on a contract if you can afford not too. I had the galaxy s vibrant with bell. I sold it yesterday when samsung said december. I ll bet its January or February in reality. My new HTC desire Z is great and has the much needed flash support of 2.2 which makes my work 1000% easier as I dont have to pull out a laptop to review content. Canada's telecommunications are the worst rated in the world. We pay the most and receive the crappiest service.

  • Zimo

    Samsung Galaxy is a great phone and running a great OS. But Samsung Kies is a complete disaster: No mac version, buggy as hell, the UI sucks ass and the list goes on. I think Samsung just missed a great chance to compete with Apple.

  • Hoodwinked

    What a disaster and missed opportunity for Samsung. The ongoing train wreck known as Kies, the time lag to upgrade Froyo and lack of communication.

    Why would I want a Galaxy Tablet again?

  • k1

    You can update galaxy s to froyo through costum roms. I have 2.2 for months now

  • Samsung sucks

    All I can say is I'll try to avoid buying anything from samsung ever again. And when it comes to $500+ phones, IPhone is the way to go. I own galaxy s, and I am suck and tired of all this bullshit!!

  • Upset Canaduh

    They have to run the firmware against the effin' stupid TELCO preload software to make sure the TELCO software still operates the way the Telco wants it to. I have mine "factory direct" - but it came with a bunch of Bell shit preloaded that won't uninstall.

  • Rob

    Its a lie just called samsung canada to determine if its true but its not. they have no record of froyo 2.2 ever coming out for galaxy s in canada and customer service checked thier own website. (so did I )
    Its not on thier website what they said is not likely. But keep checking web site for updates what is the point of having a phone that supports HD if it cant even play all videos this phone should have come with adobe flash player in the first place the firmware 2.1 should have had the requirements to download that in my opinion

  • mandroid

    I'm an annoyed galaxy s owner too, and have been swearing to never buy samsung again, etc etc.....but then today I saw a buddy scrolling thru his widget-free iphone screen, and proceed to type out an sms letter-by-painstaking-letter.... and I realized that despite the poor software etc, the delays, etc these really are great devices. Patience is a virtue, folks.

  • Brad

    Even with the old 2.1, the Galaxy S outperforms the iphone 4 in every way. Besides that, has more features, and isn't locked up so you have to buy everything from istore etc. I have free music downloaders, wifi tethering, and all sorts of other things the iphone doesn't offer. And at least flash capable. Iphones are for old people who can't figure out technology. The got nothing on samsung except maybe marketing.