Despite all this talk about upcoming phones and tablets running on the Tegra 2 processor, you may want to stop and consider the new offering in the Snapdragon line of processors from Qualcomm. Taking a 28-nm dual core beast (MSM8960), the company promises speeds up to five times their current offerings, as well as 75% less lower power usage.

But the real shocker here is the updated GPU, which Qualcomm claims is capable of delivering gaming performance equal to the of an Xbox 360 or PS3.

We should certainly wait for some real life tests and comparisons to Tegra 2 before really hyping this up, but still: can you imagine the PSP phone launching with these capabilities?

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via Engadget

Source: EE Times, Anandtech

  • Narwhal

    I just blew my load everywhere. And you can quote me on that. Good stuff!

  • JohnB

    I'm not sure if you are suggesting that Adreno 3xx (the one that challenges the performance of today's game consoles) is included as part of MSM8960, it is not. MSM8960 will not be out until 2012, so I don't think it will compete with Tegra 2. Tegra 3 will more likely to compete.

    Here's some more reading materials about MSM8960: http://bit.ly/bEWFBv

  • CodeMonkey

    It may be heresy to some, but I'm not fussed about the gaming abilities.

    But 75% less power consumption? Yes please!

  • TareX

    So now I need to get the first ORION/Tegra 2 phone that comes out.... because when these babies arrive (most probably will come on a glasses-free 3D phone), I'm taking out my wallet and my camping gear.

  • Bod1ggity

    It would be amazing to have more power with less battery consumption... im waiting to here more on this... sucks because im waiting to re-up my phone till the tegra-2 comes out and now this is on the horizon... its so hard to pick what I want when there is always something better right around the bend.

  • depeche modem

    Vaporware, until it's in a phone in my hands that I can take away from the store it's fooey!