Given all the heat Google TV's been taking from the networks lately, the platform needs all the good news it can get - and Samsung might be giving it some come January 2011. Samsung Hub has just learned that the world's largest television manufacturer is indeed working on a Google TV-powered set, which Boo-Keun Yoon, Samsung's President of Visual Display Business, plans to unveil next year at CES.

What the blog didn't learn was what the actual TVs would look like; in fact, the only detail they provided was that the company's "open" to using Intel's processors as opposed to its own offerings. Hopefully Samsung's Google TVs will be as popular as their Galaxy S phones - Google TV has yet to properly take off, and if anyone can do it, it's Sammy.

Source: Samsung Hub via Phandroid

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  • jk

    ugggh, samsung.! before u plan those other things, can u put froyo or other major update on my Samsung Captivate first? can u fix the media hub too? y d heck did u put a media hub icon on my phone thats not available to use.!