What a day for Froyo! First, we had the Dell Streak, which has been long overdue for some frozen yogurt, and now not 1 but 4 more phones are receiving their Froyo updates. They are:

  • Vodaphone HTC Legend in the UK
  • Vodaphone Galaxy S in the UK
  • Galaxy A and Galaxy S in Korea

Interestingly enough, it's the carrier specific version of HTC Legend that is receiving Froyo, even before its carrier agnostic, unlocked brothers. The situation is usually the other way around because releasing through a carrier involves additional testing steps that normally slow things down. We'll take it though!

Another interesting bit is just how different the Korean update site is from the UK/US versions that I am used to. Check it out here.


HTC Legend enjoying a cup of Froyo

Sources: Eurodroid [1] [2], ElAndroideLibre, Vodaphone UK, Phandroid, Samsung Hub, SamsungMobile KR

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  • http://jadedmoonstudios.com Gaston

    Has anyone successfully updated their Vodafone UK Samsung Galaxy S to Froyo yet? I've been trying through the Kies software but it's not finding the update for the Android OS.

    • Fishbelly

      Nope, me neither but then its hardly any surprise given how poor Kies is in general. What a let down that programme has been and how many hours has it wasted for people. Good luck to everyone in the continuing battle to make it do something simple.

  • Scruffyboy

    Updated mine this morning through Kies- all ok apart from it clears all the screens so you have to go back and rebuild your pages.

  • jk

    what about us,U.S. Galaxy S line users??

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      No news on that for now.

    • Tony N.

      I'm with you jk, my Captivate could use some Froyo here in California.

  • Archie

    Hope it is soon

  • Tony N.

    I hear you jk, it would be nice to have Froyo on my Captivate here in California.