Welcome to the weekly roundup of the best new Android applications and games that went live in the Market in the previous week or so.

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Best New Android Apps

Sheep Run Beta

The sheep family is in danger now.
They need to run fast and use their wisdom to get across various obstacles, finally go back home.
SheepRun features challenging physics-based and puzzle gameplay. Each of the levels requires logic, skill to solve.

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Carbonite Access

This app allows Carbonite customers to access the files in their backup – anywhere, anytime. Backed up files can be easily viewed or shared directly from your Android phone. You can even use the app to listen to your backed up music.
With Carbonite Access, your files are at your fingertips no matter where you are.

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Pocket Legends (3D MMO)

From Artem: This is game is very addictive and is currently the best MMORPG on Android, in my opinion. It is surprisingly fun and very well done.

"World of Warcraft in your pocket" - Yahoo! Tech
Issues: [email protected]
Info and exclusive giveaways:
Beta Forums: http://bit.ly/dCg3aF
Pocket Legends is on-the-go gameplay with hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

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"...Steambirds lies in wait to rob you of your Monday morning." --Penny Arcade
The addictive, turn-based gameplay of Flash hit "Steambirds" has arrived! Use bombs, missiles and poison gas to defeat enemy planes. This version features improved graphics and UI and new music. This demo lets you play four missions for free.

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YouTube Remote

Turn your Android device into a YouTube remote control! Use the full-featured interface on YouTube Remote to find and queue up videos to watch on the big screen. It’s like having a wireless video cable to your big screen!
To get started, simply sign in on YouTube Leanback and YouTube Remote with the same YouTube account.

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The Rhapsody App and a subscription let you listen to anything in the catalog, and download playlists directly to your device. Get the app today – new customers can try it free!
Choose from over 10 million songs, create playlists, and download as many as you want - as long as you remain a member.

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Opera Mobile web browser

A faster, better web experience awaits. Introducing Opera Mobile 10.1 beta, a full web browser that makes surfing a snap. Features include;
-Great user experience
-Opera Turbo to help save on data costs
-Bookmark syncing with your PC via Opera Link

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In the same theme as BattStatt, Tajm, and dClock, OneSeven is a 4x1 widget that lists days 1-7 of the week, highlighting the current day. If the widget stops updating after a new version, just delete and renew it.
**LONGPRESS homescreen to access widget**
Pro version available! Search "OneSeven Pro".

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My Taptu

My Taptu is a clever yet simple social news aggregator that looks & feels great.
Get instant access to the latest on everything you are into – your Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn friends, your news, sports, music & interests – all in one beautiful little app.
My Taptu puts your world at your fingertips.
Into it? Taptu it!

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Radiant HD

Radiant HD is optimized for hi-res devices (eg. Galaxy Tab,Droid,Desire,Nexus,EVO).
Take your stand against the alien horde in a pure arcade/action space shooter.
Cut through hundreds of creeps to face giant monsters in unique bossfights. Collect special weapons and power-ups, upgrade your ship and save your homeworld!

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Totemo HD

Totemo HD is optimized for hi-res devices (eg. Galaxy Tab,Droid,Desire,Nexus,EVO).
Uncover the mystery hidden between the realms in a unique puzzle game. Travel to enchanted places of the past with your witch doctor guide and solve over 100 logic tasks.
Play the survival mode for extra challenge.
Unloose the spirit!

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z4root is a one click solution to root and un-root your device. Works for many Android devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S, Droid 2, Xperia, and more.

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Artemia Live Wallpaper by The Astonishing Tribe

Artemia, from TAT, is the beautiful home of glowing creatures. Poke them to make them swim a bit faster or tap on the water to see bubbles. Try catching a glimpse of the largest creature in the ocean! Artemia changes dynamically throughout the day, and it even responds when you charge your Android device.

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Retro Pixels Live Wallpaper by The Astonishing Tribe

Explore a retro-style pixelated wallpaper from TAT. Flowers bloom when you receive text messages and calls, leaves fall when you shake the phone, and at night the moon rises. This wallpaper also has four hidden secrets. Will you be able to find them all? And can you really trust the duck?

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Blue Range Live Wallpaper by The Astonishing Tribe

This fun loving live wallpaper from TAT is full of animals with great personalities. Poke them and see what happens! You can affect land elevation and tilt trees and flowers by moving the phone. Watch darkness fall during the nighttime and don’t miss the cool sunbeam effect while charging your device…

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The Orbitz app for Android™ lets you search and book flights, hotels and rental cars; view your trips and flight status; and find nearby hotels using your phone’s GPS. You’ll also get Orbitz Price Assurance, secure booking, 24/7 assistance and more.

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Pixie Probe (root)

Pixie Probe is a free app to test your phone's compatibility with our Pixie network monitor.
Please check your phone with this application before buying the full version of Pixie. Note that Pixie requires root to run, so be sure your phone is rooted.

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Pixie (root)

Pixie is a passive wifi network monitor capable of running on rooted Android devices.
Pixie allows your phone to capture network traffic from other devices on the wireless network, just like Wireshark and Kismet.
Please test your phone with Pixie Probe BEFORE buying this software!

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All your passwords in one secure place. Protected with the most powerful AES 256bit encryption, password generator, supporting Dropbox cloud sync and local sync, including Windows and Mac clients so you can access your passwords anytime - securely. Store credit cards information, online passwords, bank account info and more

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Rhythm Runner

Rhythm Runner matches your steps-per-minute (SPM) while running and the beats-per-minute (BPM) of the songs on your phone and plays the correct songs.
It's a running experience that pushes you harder and faster while you letting you enjoy your run.

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Pulse News Reader is now free

As featured in CNN, NYTimes & Fortune Magazine, Pulse is a beautiful application that makes reading news fun and engaging.
It transforms your favorite news sources into a colorful and interactive mosaic.
It also includes integration with Facebook and Twitter. Try it now – you will never look at news the same way again.

Previously $0.99.

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Bing is now available for all and not just VZW phones, if that's your cup of tea. For some reason, it's not showing up on Appbrain, but you can download it by searching for "Bing" in the Market.

See this announcement for more info.


Image courtesy of Gadgetell

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