Carriers' official tethering plans never cease to amaze us - $15 to $30 per month for something that users with rooted phones can enjoy for free via Wireless Tether or Tether for Android (not to mention the free tethering app that comes built right into stock Froyo). Nevertheless, T-Mobile's gone ahead and announced that starting this Sunday, November 14th, its users will be charged $14.99 per month for the feature. This will buy you unlimited data for your laptop/netbook to choke down, although there will also be a $10 monthly plan, which will get you just 200MB of data.

To soothe your anger, the carrier also announced that on the same day (11/14), it will introduce two new variations of its Even More plan. First up, we have a $79.99 individual plan which includes 1,500 minutes of talk time as well as unlimited texting and data, all for $79.99. Their other plan includes the same unlimited data and texting, only it's meant for families who are willing to cough up $149.99 in return for 3,000 minutes a month. Not an altogether unfair package, although Sprint's plans are still a pretty competitive alternative to say the least. The bigger concern here is really that new tethering plan - insert your own net neutrality rant here.

Source: T-Mobile

Bellevue, Wash. — Nov. 12, 2010 PST Today, T-Mobile USA, Inc.  announced that on Sunday, Nov. 14 the previously announced new mobile data plans and the Tethering and Wi-Fi Sharing plan will be available to consumers.

4G Mobile Data Plans

T-Mobile recently announced two new mobile data plans that now have official names:  The 4G Web – 200MB plan and the 4G Web – Unlimited plan. These plans will be available for all T-Mobile phones1 beginning Sunday, Nov. 14 and the details of the plans remain the same - the 4G Web – 200MB plan is $10 per month with a new two-year service agreement or contract extension for a limited time or $15 per month with no contract extension, the 4G Web – Unlimited plan is $30 per month.

Tethering and Wi-Fi Sharing

T-Mobile recently announced the upcoming availability of a Tethering and Wi-Fi Sharing service plan that enables select smartphones to function as wireless modems for connecting devices, such as laptops, tablets and netbooks, to the Internet through the T-Mobile network. Starting Sunday, Nov. 14 T-Mobile customers can add the Tethering and Wi-Fi Sharing plan to their 4G Web – Unlimited $30 monthly Even More plan or 4G Web – Unlimited $25 Even More Plus no contract monthly plan for an additional $14.99 per month.

1 T-Mobile customers will have access to the T-Mobile 4G network, where available, regardless of whether they have a 4G device.  T-Mobile’s 4G network is backward compatible with several 3G devices, which allows these devices to benefit from a speed boost in areas of 4G coverage without paying a premium for faster wireless service as some competitors charge.

Bellevue, Wash. — Nov. 12, 2010 PST To kick off the holidays, T-Mobile USA, Inc. today announced two new, limited-time promotional Even More Plans that will be available to T-Mobile customers Nov. 14.

Even More Promotional Plans

The new Even More Promotional Plans are:

    1. Even More® Individual 1,500 Talk + Text + Web plan for $79.99/month
    2. Even More® Family Plan 3,000 Talk + Text + Web Plan for $149.99/month

These new Even More Promotional Plans will offer unlimited text, unlimited 4G Web, unlimited T-Mobile to T-Mobile and unlimited Nights and Weekends, in addition to the included 1,500 (Individual) and 3,000 (Family) Whenever minutes®.  For the same $79.99 price point at AT&T and Verizon, customers only get 900 Whenever minutes and unlimited text.1 These new plans require a two-year contract and will only be available for a limited time.

1 Based on comparison of monthly charges for T-Mobile’s Even More 1500 individual plan against comparable post-paid individual talk + text plans offered by AT&T and Verizon; does not include taxes or other fees.  Plan features, service limitations, and requirements may vary among carriers. Data obtained from AT&T and Verizon websites October 2010.

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  • Jim

    HATE THEM. that is all

  • PhineasJW

    Data is data. I don't see how they can tell whether you're tethering on a rooted phone.

    Just one more example of phone companies clinging to their crumbling empires.

  • Deon

    How can they detect tethering? When the G2 update rolled out, they essentially put back in Froyo's stock tethering ability. So how do they detect when you're using it, technically speaking?

    I could understand a custom app they install/put on the phone that also notifies them, like how Verizon does it.

    • froyo

      on stock android, they have to peel off packets to look inside.

  • [email protected]

    I am an American who has lived in Taiwan for 20 years. I get unlimited calling on my HTC HD 2, unlimited tethering, all you can eat Internet, lightning fast connection for about 50 US dollars a month. I can also break my 2 year contract for about 150 dollars US. Then I come back to the USA for 2 weeks and spend about 50 dollars for a T Moblie SIM card, and I am told it is 15 dollars if I want to use my iPad with the Internet. WHAT THE...? Jerks. They cripple a service, and then charge you money to restore it. I hope they go bankrupt. This country is run by corporate thieves. I miss America. I don't miss the corporations at all. The other countries are laughing at us.