Last Updated: July 24th, 2011

In our last week's poll, we asked you your thoughts on the best overall Android music player, and over 1500 of you responded, clearly putting PowerAMP ahead of the competition, followed by Winamp. PowerAMP released the full version shortly after and still occupies the #1 spot for playing local music in my book.

However, rightfully so, some of you noted that there are some players out there specializing on remote media streaming, and by that I don't mean Shoutcast streams - I mean streaming your own music collections. Google's music service may one day supposedly join the party, as we saw demoed at Google I/O earlier this year, but right now, that solution does not yet exist. Today's poll is here to establish which music streaming app currently on the Market deserves to be named the best.

Right off the bat, there are 2 giants in this space, namely Audiogalaxy and Subsonic. I've been playing with both of them for the past week, and here are my thoughts on each.




  • the server and the Android client are both free
  • the server is not written in Java and occupies a fair amount of memory (70MB for my collection)
  • no need to open router ports to access the music, although this means it's technically less secure, as data flows through Audiogalaxy's servers. However, I am still putting this as a pro because to most users, ease of use is what matters
  • the Android client can jump into any part of the song at any time, whether it's been downloaded or not - i.e. true streaming
  • headset controls in the latest client version
  • much better collection shuffling - shuffles the whole collection and starts playing right away until its end
  • playlist support


  • a very limited server interface with almost no options
  • the server seems to be quite CPU intensive while scanning media
  • Windows and Mac only - no Linux
  • impossible to browse your library on the client by directory structure, so you have to know either the artist or the album name, or use search
  • very basic bitrate limiting support - there is only 1 setting called "High Quality Audio" which can be turned on or off (I keep it on)
  • while it's possible to switch users to play media from multiple servers, it's completely impractical, so if you have more than 1 media server, Subsonic is a much better choice

image image


Appbrain link

QR code for https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.audiogalaxy




  • available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, thanks to Java portability
  • a highly configurable server interface, with lots of options
  • the server is relatively easy on the CPU while scanning media
  • easily configurable client cache size (i.e. set it to 2GB, and it will cache the last played 2GB worth of music)
  • support for multiple servers (3) on the Android client - switch between them in 2 clicks
  • headset controls, though they can't be disabled, which is annoying
  • configurable ability to preload songs on the client for really seamless playback
  • configurable ability to limit max bitrate on both WiFi and mobile connection in case you get skips or want to cut down on traffic
  • easy to browse the library on the client, especially if you want to use your directory structure
  • playlist support
  • collection shuffling works very well (via the Shuffle All button). Don't confuse this with the Random button, which pulls up a random list of albums
  • New: just found this one - you can actually switch Subsonic into Offline mode, and it will only show the media that has been cached - perfect for trips with slow or interrupting Internet connection


  • the Android client is free but after 30 days requires you to register the server with a minimum €10 donation
  • the positives of Java are also its negatives - the server is written in Java and occupies a metric crapton of memory (400MB+ for my collection)
  • you need to open router ports to access the music, although this technically means it's more secure because no data needs to flow through Subsonic's servers. However, I am still putting this as a con because to most users, ease of use is what matters
  • the Android client cannot jump to any part of the song unless it has already pre-downloaded the media in full (i.e. progressive download and not true streaming)

image image


Appbrain link

QR code for https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.sourceforge.subsonic.androidapp


Above, I've taken a look at 2 of the top Android music streaming apps: Audiogalaxy and Subsonic. Both apps are pretty good, but none is really polished enough to even compare them to the likes of PowerAMP or Winamp - I have to say, they're both pretty mediocre UI-wise. Feature-wise, both Subsonic and Audiogalaxy are good, and it really comes down to whether any of the individual cons or pros listed above are going to be deal breakers for you.

For me, for example, browsing by directory structure was more important than anything else, so Subsonic ended up being the player I use the most. However, if it weren't for that feature, I have to say Audiogalaxy is definitely the winner due to its much lower memory footprint, a cool price of free, and true streaming capability.

Which one of the 2 is your favorite? Alternatively, if you have other media streaming players in mind (again, these have to stream your own media, not Internet radio), let us know in the comments.

If I missed anything or made a mistake, please also let me know down below.


What is your favorite Android music streaming app?

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  • Meech

    The "Its free GPL software" rubs me the wrong way. It's crippleware with a forced donation.

    • danny mumbles

      do you even know what your talking about dude.
      "Subsonic is free software distributed under the GPL open-source license"
      get your facts straight before posting crap on a good dev
      he lets you choose the amount to donate

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        OK, so the Subsonic situation is a bit convoluted and confusing, and I think it can be made more clear on their site. It seems like the server is free, but if you want to use the Android app, you need to register the server to use it past 30 days. Registration is possible by donating a 10 euro minimum amount, making the Android Subsonic experience indeed crippleware. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with paying the dev, not at all, but Subsonic on Android is indeed not a free concept.

        • http://wut.thatsnobrontosaur.us crazymthrfckr

          Are you guys certain the complete situation is crippled without a donation? As I understand it, the donation enables you to connect to a simple http://username.subsonic.org, or easily substitute your own URL via the settings menu. Without it you're left to your own devices in terms of connecting a URL to your server, which in most cases requires some form of dynamic DNS. I could be wrong, however, I usually just connect to my friend's server and don't have any administrative capacity on it. I did, however, set my own server up on my own computer, just don't use it and noticed this in passing.

        • Snafu77

          Crazymofo- You are wrong. I use dynamic dns and the android client will not work without a donation. The CLIENT is not free at all. But it's worth $15/10 euros.

  • Magnus

    Spotify is far better than theese. 10 votes for Spotify

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Spotify requires a premium account and is not available in all countries:
      * Finland
      * France
      * Norway
      * Netherlands
      * Spain
      * Sweden
      * United Kingdom

      Additionally, and I've never used it, but does it actually let you stream your own media files or just music from Spotify's servers?

      • Snail

        Both, you can keep all the music offline and with the help of dropbox, you can add the music from your pc.

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          This sounds like a backwards way of doing what we're trying to achieve here, additionally requires a monthly subscription fee, and is only available in a handful of countries. My vote is definitely still with Subsonic.

        • jay

          Actually, you only have to import your music into the Spotify desktop client and it will sync wirelessly with your mobile app. You don't have to add them manually anywhere.

  • http://www.glowingpixel.com/ Michael

    I've had Subsonic for a couple of weeks now and I love it. The web interface is great, converts "non-streamable" formats like FLAC and WAV on-the-fly. I've never had any problems with it.

    To be fair, I have not tried Audio Galaxy because I am primarily a Linux user.

    • http://avantguardsystems.com Curtis Vaughan

      I agree with Michael. Yeh, I haven't tried AudioGalaxy, but for me Linux compatibility is VERY important. And I know someone said AudioGalaxy can be run under Wine, but that's a crux as far as I'm concerned. I want to and I feel everyone should want to have Linux compatibility.

  • tenkainen

    Subsonic server is actually free. I use it constantly, but then again I have static ip....

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      That's not true - the mobile app will not work with the free server past 30 days, and says it so repeatedly.

      Even the app description mentions it: "Server software (€10, free trial) available for Windows, Mac, Linux on subsonic.org."

      • tenkainen

        Okay. Now that I've read subsonic.org I'm even more confused. The android client won't work with free server, but the web-based client will. And I'm inclined to say the server is free, cause it'll work infinitely.... With the ip.
        "Subsonic is a free, web-based media streamer, providing ubiquitous access to your music. Use it to share your music with friends, or to listen to your own music while at work."
        I guess that set me off somehow... And as before, I'm talking about the computer server.

        • tenkainen

          I would gladly pay for subsonic, I just don't want to sign up paypal. That's the only thing I would need it for.

          And to completely honest, I love Audiogalaxy. It's just that it works when it want's to, and that's rarely.

          And then again, I have flash on mi Android, so subsonic works every time. Just not the player, the client app that is.

        • Ginkgo

          I paid for Subsonic, and still can't figure out how to get it working on Android. I was able to get the server set up and add my library- with some difficulty, I might add. I can't find the information I need anywhere on Subsonic website or elsewhere.

  • Michael

    Audiogalaxy works under WINE.

    • http://arlof.com Aaron

      Can you explain how you got AG to work under WINE? I have run the setup.exe and Wine seems to "install" it and run it right away, but it won't display any config dialogs (music folders, etc). AG doesn't seem to be installed in the Program Files folder under drive_c, and now upon trying to "reinstall" it, the setup.exe crashes with an error telling me to redownload it.

      Can you write a brief how-to on what you did to get it working under Wine and configure the music folders? That would be awesome. I'm running Ubuntu 11.04 and it's been killing me to be without AG streaming while I'm on the go.

  • Jayhammy

    What about Homepipe?

    • http://avantguardsystems.com Curtis Vaughan

      Unless Homepipe has changed, when I tried it early in the summer, it sucked! Then I discovered Subsonic and it worked great!

  • michael campbell

    The "non-streaming" aspect of Subsonic is actually a pro. If you lose connection for a short time, you never notice it. If you're truly streaming, it stops.

    Too, Subsonic allows multiple accounts so I can share my music with my wife, son, friend(s), whatever, and not have to use the same account.

    It is not as easy to set up as Audiogalaxy, but does quite a bit more, and better (IMO).

    • Michael

      Audiogalaxy streams with a buffer as fast as your connection allows - stick your phone in airplane mode and test it.

  • http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/didiom-pro-iphone-edition/id389217682?mt=8 Zlatopolski

    I've been patiently waiting for Didiom to be available on Android.

  • Since82

    They both work fine, I like Audio Galaxy because it makes me think of the old P2P Audio Galaxy. Good memories.

  • Johan

    I have a synology nas and stream music with the synology app. Works perfect! the nas has a build in audio station.

  • nicolino

    I don't get why no one is talking about grooveshark

    • seth

      Because there is a monthly fee for mobile streaming.

  • OFI

    And it doesn't stream your own music does it?

    Unless you upload all of your own music to it possibly.. but then you could use dropbox..

  • Ash

    Sooo.... you guys gonna do a poll next week on shoutcast streaming apps?

    So far that ability seems to be missing from some of the major main apps, and the ones Ive found so far are truly horrible in their interfaces.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Sure, that sounds like a logical next step. So far my favorites are TuneWiki and XiiaLive, but they both cut out terribly, don't buffer well, and don't resume well. The verdict is still out.

      • Ash

        ive been using stream furious, i dont mind the cutouts, but it does not retry the stream. i do mind the fact that to quit it i have to actually go into 2 submenus to get to the quit option or else it keeps downloading even when paused.
        and adding new streams to its a pain..

  • OFI

    Xiialive is awesome. Great looking UI too.

    I just assumed the buffering problems were my connection but yes it can be quite bad to buffer at times...

  • OSF-BayArea

    After testing out both, I went with SubSonic, since I have a family of four that wants access to our music from their phones. The web interface is great for parties (on a 40" LCD TV), the latest stable build is bulletproof, runs on an ancient 3Ghz P4 with 2GB of RAM over a USB 1TB drive.

    The stats are fun, the search works great and since my music was already sorted by artist/album and had a .jpg in the album folder, everything was golden from day one.

    Did I mention the web interface allows you access your collection from anywhere on any computer - Mac, PC, or Linux? You can even download or upload from remote PCs. Oh and it handles re-encoding of a wide range of audio formats too.

    And the player is regularly getting feature/refinement/bug fixes. The server has only gotten two updates in the 5 months I've been using it. A third is in beta now.

    Yes, T-Mobile's data connection can be spotty but with 8GB microSD cards in our phones, we have plenty of music for the off-line times.

    To clarify:
    Shuffle Play is the button to have it random play individual songs - I can see how this might be confusing...um, no I don't.

    Random is list of random Albums to remind you of things you may have forgotten about. Similar to Google's defunct "I Feel Lucky" button. You can tap to open each album, then select some or all to add to queue. If you really wanted to make a list of sequentially played, manually selected albums. If that isn't a working function, I would have to say search, play and pause don't work either :)

    $15 is an con? Wow. OK, sure. Sorry that is not a con for me. I don't mind paying directly to a developer that makes a complete software solution for accessing my audio collection from my phone or pc what I would pay for hamburger and two beers.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Hey OSF, thanks for the detailed reply. Subsonic does have a lot of benefits (though the memory footprint of 400MB is really bothering me), and it did end up as my streaming player of choice.

      You're right - the Shuffle All setting evaded me and the Random feature, which, you have to agree, could mean pretty much the same thing, confused me into thinking it was Subsonic's version of Shuffle.

      Not free - a con? Yes, of course it is. Free always trumps paid from the cost perspective. There is plenty of free open source software that is amazing. Again, I'm glad devs are getting paid but the con strictly has to do with comparing it to Audiogalaxy's price tag of free.

      Btw, I also just discovered a distinct "Offline" mode which switches the list of available songs to just the list of what's been cached on the SD card. Brilliant!

  • http://twitter.com/mastermind777 mastermind777

    IMO AudioGalaxy isn't pretty or powerful enough when compared to Subsonic. BTW, it's the app that's limited to 30 days, not the server. You don't need to donate unless you want to use the app indefinitely, but you can still use the server to stream music (supported by ads). One vote for Subsonic for me.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      You're right - the Android app is really a 30-day trial unless the server is registered.

  • danny mumbles

    I'm with mastermind777

    I've never paid for subsonic, and i use it everyday on my phone and i use the web ui everyday too.
    what your paying for is a domain name, to go from your "ipaddress.subsonic.org" to "whatever.subsonic.org".
    i really cant believe people haven't known that yet...THATS ALL IT IS
    all my friends just type in my ip address and that its....it been working for months now.....maybe it will shut off someday....but it hasn't yet so...

    1. subsonic lets you share you music by letting you make user names with password for all your friends.
    2. subsonic lets your friends download your music
    3. subsonic lets your friends upload to you music collation.
    4. subsonic lets you see who is listening to what and and lets you see stats on you bandwidth....like (who's downloads the most, streaming the most, and uploaded the most.

    subsonic is by far better (at least for SHARING you music)
    (try having your friends listen or download music using audiogalaxy)

    really these are two completely different apps if you think about....OK one more time

    audiogalaxy = listen to JUST your music and thats it and no one else
    subsonic = SHARE and listen your your music and your friends music
    big difference, BIG difference

    oh one last thing, sorry but you'll like this

    you CAN go on subsonic using your mobile browser...thats if you can have flash or just download the stream file


    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Indeed, Subsonic is far more configurable and feature-rich (though at the expense of bloated memory usage, unfortunately) but to those people who don't care about sharing their music with others and only want to listen to their own, it is not that much different from AudioGalaxy. And yeah, you can listen in the browser, but it is a disaster if you have a huge collection, or if you want any kind of sane playback controls. The Android app is not free like AudioGalaxy's, and it's what turns away most people from Subsonic towards AG. I'm going to donate to Subsonic personally, because I am a power user, but, again, it's not going to be worth the money to some people.

  • not.happy.with.this.site

    so where is my reply. oh wait so you choose what goes on.
    oh thats real fair

    so much for speaking your mine

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Your comment got marked as spam by the automated system for some reason, and I just weeded it out of there and let it loose. Calm down, nobody chooses what goes on here or stops you from speaking your "mine," unless you're a spammer (which you're not).

  • my.bad

    sorry my bad....the internet make so CRAZY sometimes

    i wanna apologizes for that last replay. it was uncalled for and i take it back

    sorry again

  • ViperVin

    Great post Artem, you summed up pretty much everything I noticed between the two apps. I actually have both running on my Windows Home Server right now. I love the Subsonic UI and use that when I have full web access. I use Audiogalaxy when I am using my phone because it's free. If I decide to buy the Subsonic app, I will switch to that full time.

    Few things I noticed... Audiogalaxy took almost a day to scan my full database (roughly 14k songs) while Subsonic did it in an hour or so. Also, being able to browse the directory structure or even by genre are two big things in Subsonic's favor.

  • shea

    Those that are complaining about the Subsonic donation situation really need to get a grip. Most types of host services make you pay out the nose for a custom domain.

    Subsonic offers this for free once you have paid your one time donation. The donation unleashes mobile streaming to Android. You are also allowed to pick your donation amount. I chose $1. Really Subsonic is much more customizable and can work at any computer via the web browser.

    Now if only I could figure out why my DX stutters on each and every stream, despite the bitrate settings being changed to 96kb/sec for 3G.

  • sjpm

    Subsonic is a great idea but it does not scale. I had great fun playing around with it when I had it pointed at a 1-album folder on my desktop with like 17 tracks in it. Worked great. Then I pointed it to the NAS that has my 55K+ song collection. To say it choked would be an understatement. Scanning took forever, hitting shuffle on the client just sat there for 10+ minutes before anything played. I could live with the massive memory footprint but it's (lack of) speed was a deal breaker.

    So, inspired by the Subsonic idea but let down by the implementation, I set up a winamp shoutcast server (took 10 minutes, really simple). I set it to shuffle play my collection. If I want to control playback I can always use a winamp remote app on the android.

    The shoutcast server side stuff is all free and of course there's no lack of shoutcast clients on the android platform.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      I found that Subsonic handled my giant collection just fine and Shuffle was instantaneous, not sure why you're experiencing problems. After using Subsonic, Audiogalaxy, and Synology for the last month, Subsonic is definitely at the top. Still leaves a lot to be desired but the best of the 3.

      • sjpm

        Not sure either. Granted my hardware is a little on the old side (I retire old laptops for server use).

        Anyway you should try the shoutcast way when you get a free half hour somewhere; you might like it! What it lacks in features it makes up for in speed and simplicity. You can point a dyndns hostname (free) at it, and access it from the 3g/4g side, if you need that functionality.

    • texaganian

      There's definitely some information being posted here that doesn't jibe very well with the reality I've experienced.

      I run Subsonic with the server on a CentOS linux box and I am truly impressed.

      My library is large. Not quite as large as sjpm's but substantial nonetheless at a total size of ~280GB with ~2,200 albums and ~34,000 individual tracks. And yet I've never seen and slow responses to anything. So it definitely scales well for me. I think sjpm must have something else going on that is causing the poor performance.

      And, btw, it's not that I'm throwing a lot of resources at Subsonic. The CentOS server is a virtual machine which only has 200MB of memory. So Subsonic is definitely not consuming Artem's "metric crapton of memory" for me.

  • shea

    I was going to say, I have 2,700 files in my collection and it is fast over wifi and 3G. Of course 55K files is another story all together but Subsonic works differently than other bloated software.

    I believe the times I've had the most trouble have been just after the initial scan of your media. After that it's gravy.

  • t.bo

    Definitely not seeing 400mb memory usage for Subsonic. I have about 6K songs, and when I checked yesterday, it was at 108mb. Possibly the size of the collection dictates memory usage? I'll see, still have a lot of CD's to add...

  • http://wideangle.aminus3.com/ Sprocketdog23

    Most days I use Audiogalxy, listening to my music on my train commute to and back from work. I like it because I am non-teccy, and its ease of use. I also use 'MSpot' (2GB free option) as an alternative, as sometimes my girlfriend switches of my Mac all day, so I can't access my music fully through Audiogalaxy, and Mspot servers host your music on their servers, so everything is always available. I don't favour one above the other, as long as I can hear the stream, connect easily, and can shuffle my collection, and both do this well.

  • Crooksy

    I use Subsonic and iSub with my iTouch and friends use the android app to access my music.

    I really can't fault Subsonic, once I got it up and running it has never let me down. The hardest part for me was getting access to the service from outside my home network. This was solved by setting up a virtual server on my router and opening up a new port through my firewall.

    I mainly access Subsonic via the Web interface while at work and use iSub when on the go for listening to cached songs and when at home I also use the iTouch as a remote control using the jukebox feature to play songs via my amp.

    My library consists of about 300Gb FLAC lossless audio files and Subsonic transcodes these to device compatile files that can be configured to whatever bitrate and quality you like for however many different user accounts you like.

    The resulting sound quality of the transcoded MP3 files are vastly superior to any MP3 tracks you'd download from iTunes or Amazon.

    Its really hard to fault Subsonic and the wealth of features it has makes it worth the donation fee.

    I find it hard to believe that some people are complaining about having to pay for such a great product, afterall one guy developed this not some big corporation so he should be rewarded for his very hard work.

    BTW Subsonic now also supports video streaming and transcoding which is a huge bonus.

  • Khush

    Shea said:

    "You are also allowed to pick your donation amount. I chose $1."

    How were you able to donate only a dollar? Whenever I click on their Paypal donate link it comes up as 20 Euros, unless I click on the 10 Euro link.

  • theGODsend

    subsonic key protection is a joke. You donate because you like the app. If you can't then just figure out the key.... not hard at all

  • Sidewinder767

    AudioGalaxy...EZ and free no bs java.Thats all I gota say. Love it.

  • Marland Pittman

    Subsonic is awesome. I have a Linux DVR that runs an Athlon 64 3000+ with 1 GB of Memory. It has two tuners, an nvidia Geforce 210, 2 TB of space and does Transmission, XBMC, Subsonic, and MythTV backend without issue.

    I tried the client initially while I was on a fruit kick (Apple iPhone/ATT), but I'm happily back on Android/T-Mobile and couldn't be happier with Subsonic.

    I use Picard Musicbrainz to organize my music, and keep it tagged up, and I run that on the box via VNC too.

    I am not measuring any memory... but if you guys are worried about 400 MB... um, upgrading your RAM is probably cheaper than donating for the server/client app/dynamic name service anyway.

  • Light

    I've found that it is a voluntary donation after all, for Subsonic. The "license key" is generated from the e-mail address using merely MD5.

  • Adey

    > audiogalaxy = listen to JUST your music and thats it and no one else

    Audiogalaxy has shared playlists - you can share whatever you want with any of you friends, so long as your server is running...

    • DubahU

      It didn't when that comment was posted almost a year ago...

  • m00k

    My biggest issue with audiogalaxy is the fact that it transcodes mp3 into whatever format it streams in. I played a v0 mp3 and measured about 3/5 the size of the files worth of data transmitted. This is horrible practice as it squares the reduction in quality. Subsonic sends bit-perfect music data unless you specify it to transcode, such as with FLAC.

    Unfortunately there is a bug in subsonic on certain phones or custom ROMs so AG is the only solution for now...

    • Wes

      i have found that i get far fewer skips on AG than on spotify with my verizon iphone. therefore, i use AG.

  • Theusz

    I tried to build my own custom desktop client for Subsonic some time ago and I found out that the 30-day limitation is set up on the REST API, which is used by every application and *not* by the Web client. Once you enter the license key, the server will stream through the REST API no matter what.

    There are no built-in limitations in the applications, just 2 ways to access the server (Web & REST), the 2nd one being limited to 30 days unless you enter a license key.

    BTW, I'm afraid the ".subsonic.org" address is a real magnet for pirates. When a critical flaw is discovered in the Subsonic server, all the bad guys have to do is to browse from "a.subsonic.org" to "zzzzzzzzzz.subsonic.org". I use DynDNS.

  • DubahU

    I like the Subsonic interface. The web interface is light years ahead of Audiogalaxy. Being able to browse by directory and edit ID3 tags in the browser is another good thing. But I use Audiogalaxy for one reason. It is free for the Android app (yes I know I could use a mobile browser, but the app is better on the phone). I would just use Google Music, but I don't like the way it behaves on my phone. Combined with audio in on my car stereo, I have a 3TB iPod! Wish it could use my iPod controls in my car though...

  • kkeyman

    One of the best features about Subsonic is that you can give access to your friends to share music - that is, they can both upload music to an "Incoming" folder on your Subsonic, and they can download any single track or album from your collection.

    Uploading and downloading files are a huge advantage over AudioGalaxy. I'm not talking about streaming here. I mean that they can actually copy files to your Incoming folder or download files to their own device. I don't advocate copyright infringement, but I am able to upload my original music and have friends download it to their computers. That's very nice.

    Another huge advantage to Subsonic is a very decent ID3 Tag Editor and the ability to download or change album cover art (when logged on to your personal Subsonic server).

    Yes, Subsonic costs more (a one-time 10 Euro contribution from me), but it is definitely worth it (Superior UI, Upload, Download, ID3 Tags, Cover Art) and cacheing when there is a bad network connection.

  • Wellington

    The Subsonic Android App is the only thing you need to pay for, but it is managed by the server. That's what Subsonic really is, a music server, and the Android App is a side feature. Subsonic was already a mature music server before Android functionality was added. If all you want to do is Android and have a Windows or Mac computer, then maybe AG is for you. The feature set of Subsonic is far richer than AG as a music server, and that is where most of its community has come from. Streaming to Android was just a logical extension of the application.

  • TheBeech

    One thing I do not know about AG: How does it handle the files when they are actually stored on the mobile?
    I love that Subsonic receives MP3 at a certan bitrate (which I can select myself) and the server does the FLAC transcoding (yes, I do prefer FLAC at home).
    Once the files have been downloaded (and if you have a decent file size on your SD card) you music player of choice can be used to play those files (so to me the offline mode of Subsonic is rather moot, because everybody who bothers to set Subsonic up should have a better standalone player on their phone already).
    So giving me the flexibility to share with friends, having server side file transcoding, Video Streaming in the new version ... those point make me very happy with Subsonic and I donated more than 10€ for this product with no regrets at all.

  • http://rburnsplumbing.com/subsonic Ray Burns

    I have Subsonic running through Tomcat on an SME 8 server. Best thing around. Right now, I support a church denomination across america streaming them music. I disable the download feature for a lot of them, and this gets rid of the stealing aspect, while allowing them to listen to music for rehearsals. My server has been running for 2 years non stop.

    Enjoy a real live demo!
    And yes, it does stream video through web and rest api

    • http://suryamp.tumblr.com Surya Prakash Manchikanti

      Wow very nice collection. Kudos!

  • Mike D

    I use Supersonic, a free fork of subsonic. You get all the benefits of Supersonic without the licensing/donation fee