It's a wild day for Best Buy Mobile and the Samsung Nexus S, and from the looks of it, it's only going to get wilder.

2010-11-11 13h32_28

No, it's not just you - the device on the right-most side of the screenshot above is indeed running Gingerbread (at least judging by the notification bar and its revamped icons), and it is indeed what we've come to know as the Nexus S. Unfortunately, there's no pre-order link in sight this time around, but at least we now know what the phone will actually look like outside of fake Photoshop renders. Damn, Best Buy, just release the thing already.

Source: Best Buy via Engadget

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • DrE

    It actually doesn't look half bad...I might have to upgrade my nexus..wish it had a trackpad tho..and I hope it has a notification light

  • 4bh1nav

    Disappointed ……….my N1 looks way better than this


    Holy Sh*t. This thing looks ugly, particularly the back side

    • Ed2323

      Hahahaha, I think that's the back of a case.

  • Andrew

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

    I would have bought a Galaxy S but for the lack of a camera flash.

    I would have bought a Legend HD - but have you felt the weight of the thing? And battery life is abysmal.

    Google / Samsung / Nexus / S / 2 - whatever it's finally called - looks like it's going to tick a lot of boxes on my wish list. Throw in Gingerbread and it's an even tastier proposition. I am pretty sure I know what I want for Xmas :)