While everyone else ranted and raved (or, alternatively, raged) about the Nexus S, the folks over at Android Central were busy getting their hands on a picture of Verizon's upcoming Incredible HD:


It sure is a looker with that oh-so-sexy aluminum body... but we already knew about that. The real news here is that, tucked away in the upper right corner of the notification bar, is a promising 4G icon:


It's not as surprising as it could have been since Jeremiah Nelson spilled the beans yesterday, but it's always nice to see confirmation in the form of device pictures themselves. Besides, the HTC Merge needs a suitable LTE follow up, and the Incredible HD seems to be just what the doctor prescribed.

Source: Android Central

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • Jakob

    Oh yes! Looks great

  • Bateluer

    Locked to Bing this time around? Would be a shame.

  • Bod1ggity

    No, it will be part of the "Droid" line which come "Un-Binged"... hell yah, Ive found my next phone. Verizon is the best.

  • phonephan

    it's says 3g in the left hand corner. where do you see 4g???

    • wicked six

      Directly to the left of the signal status on the right side of the status bar. Though that 3G symbol makes me curious.

    • a

      the 3g symbol is 3g hotspot. The 4g icon is to the left of the signal bars.

  • Bod1ggity

    I believe the phone will still use 3g for voice calls and "LTE" (im not calling it 4g) for browser... the 3g may also be for hotspot... im def getting this phone... it blows aways the "Nexus S" and its on the best provider around. Win-Win. period.

  • Jayhammy

    The big question now is, "when?"

    • http://www.hollercentral.com boomdraw

      Soon my ninja, sooon! I've been waiting for this too long. I hope it hits this month.