It's hardly the latest and greatest, but it's a hell of a lot better than what users of the AT&T Backflip were stuck on previously - that's right, a manual update to Android 2.1 Éclair for the much ballyhooed device is now up on both AT&T's and Motorola's servers.

It's not an OTA (over the air), and it comes with an installation guide worthy of a novel, just like the Cliq yesterday. Unlike the Cliq upgrade, however, Backflip owners have a choice of an automated online upgrade tool in addition to the manual approach. Hey - we'll take our dessert regardless of the delivery method.

Now, about that Froyo...


Key Considerations:

  1. Motorola has developed this upgrade to provide an enhanced experience for Backflip owners with new features and improvements to existing features. However with the additional software included on the phone, some users may experience slower operation of some phone functions.
  2. Please note that once on Android 2.1 (Eclair) there is no option to Restore back to Android 1.5 (Cupcake).
  3. DRM Protected Media: While media saved on your SD card will be preserved, DRM-protected media stored on your phone's internal memory will not be preserved.
  4. Instant Messaging: The Instant Messaging login information will not be preserved so please record its information.
  5. Android Market™ Applications and Data: Android Market applications that you have previously downloaded will be preserved. However, Motorola does not guarantee that all of these applications will be compatible with the new software. There may also be some instances of Cupcake specific applications not appearing in Eclair at all due to compatibility reasons. This is to be expected.
  6. Home Screen Widgets: Since we have added new resizable widgets, not all of your current widgets can be restored to their original location. You may need to re-add them after the upgrade.
  7. Settings: System settings, such as Ringtone, Volume, Display, Security, and Wallpaper will not be preserved. You will need to reset them after the upgrade.
  8. Bluetooth and WiFi Connections: Bluetooth and WiFi connections that are setup on your device will be preserved. However, some Bluetooth devices may need to be unpaired and then repaired if they are not connecting properly after the upgrade. Some WiFi connections may also need to be deleted and re-added.
  9. Contacts: Your contacts will be preserved. However, since we have enhanced our contact shortcuts, any current contact shortcuts on the home screen will need to be re-created after the upgrade. You will also have to re-link previously linked contacts after the upgrade.
  10. DRM Protected Media: While media saved on your SD card will be preserved, DRM-protected media stored on your phone's internal memory will not be preserved.

Sources: Motorola, AT&T via Android Central

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  • Anne Hughes

    Just downloaded 2.1, and I love it! It's very exciting, but make sure to make a note of what applications were on which screens. I had a hard time remembering which ones disappeared off which screens for awhile. The only thing I don't realy like is that I can't seem to figure out how to "exit" the browser. There's no option but to hit "home"... I'm a little worried this will drain the battery a little more. You can just exit each window from the "windows" selection in the browser, then when google opens in place, just hit the back arrow, but i'm wondering how that's going to do with the battery life. Overall though, this firmware update is amazing!