When it comes to Verizon engineers and Twitter, there really aren't any secrets - some employees kind of just let it all out. Such is the case with Jeremiah Nelson (@V3RDICT), who today tweeted out not one, but six items of interest to future LTE customers.

To recap, according to Jeremiah, HTC Merge will not get released this month due to a late decision to equip it with an LTE chip (that's Verizon's version of 4G). The delay could potentially be caused by something else, but Jeremiah is certain that Merge will come out as an LTE phone, whenever it does happen. In fact, it will be the first Verizon LTE phone.

Next up, we have the Incredible HD, which Jeremiah says will launch in the beginning of 2011. It will be the first device in the new year, making it the 2nd Verizon LTE device.

merge-delayed incredible-hd-launch

htc-launches merge-launch-date

image image

Well! Looks like we've got some exciting times ahead of us - anyone care to guess what other mysterious HTC devices we'll be seeing next year?

Source: Twitter via Droid Life

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • Frank

    Tax return right in time for the HD :D

  • http://hollercentral.com boomdraw

    This is what I've been waiting for! Can't wait! I hope it's this month, and not end of the year.

  • tyler

    I agree. That HD has got my name all over it. I love the size of my DX but I'm not sold on it over HTC. They're phones are so much smoother. Love the fluidity of my Dinc. Front facing camera....I'm dreaming of the launch date already. ZzzZZZ

  • viper1549

    Boy do i got some news for you guys lol.. The thing is there is a Droid Incredible HD 3G coming out this month. In fact, Pre-Orders are going to start this Friday Nov 12th.

    There will be, and has been confirmed by multiple sources, that there is in fact a 3G version and a LTE version.

    The 3G version has been kept uber secret for awhile. Some knarly NDA's were signed to keep in that way.

    Likely by tomorrow afternoon Miami from Droidforums will have posted the info in a new thread from his inside contacts.

    I know you think im some randy rambling my ass off so at the least i ask you to remember me when the news drops of Pre-Orders for the Droid Incredible HD on Friday. Cheers!

  • viper1549

    Here is a preview of what im talking about to get my drift.. read these tweets and it should come together, feel free to look them up for legitimacy you wont waste your time.

    if you dont know who black man x is then my point wont be made... but he released info that stir'd some shit a few days ago..

    @black_man_x some other ^end VZN reps seem pretty confident a 3G version of the inc HD will be out this month, can you say anything on that?...

    @viper1549 there is a 3g version. Been in testing for awhile. But why purchase it when the real deal is coming.

    @V3RDICT So will there be 2 Dinc HD's (3g and LTE), or just the LTE one in January? Have you tried it out yet?

    @scififan2715 I'm guessing just an LTE Inc HD. Don't know why they would make both.

    3G has in fact been confirmed yet he doesnt know it exist.. hmm

    different one..

    @V3RDICT Keep these tweets coming from that training. I would STRONGLY consider an Incredible HD. Will that not be LTE, though?

    @Johey_Verona yes, Incredible HD is gonna be LTE ready. Stoked!

    boom. :)

  • ManFromTheFuture

    LOL. None of this intel proved to be true. Awesome.