People want to own their phones. Try as they might to frustrate their customers, networks and manufacturers are fighting a losing battle against the hacking community. The latest victory is an enormous one: the HTC Vision, better known as the T-Mobile G2 and Desire Z has finally been defeated. That pesky eMMC chip locking up the /system of the G2 has been circumvented, and full, glorious, permanent root has been attained:

12:04 < scotty2> -rw-rw-rw- root root 0 2010-11-09 03:00 test

Yep, that's full read and write permissions there, and it's permanent too. The #g2root channel has had an idea of the method to use for almost a month now, but have only just finalized the solution. Apparently the hack is actually a lot simpler than people were expecting... but of course, in a case such as this, the term "simple" takes on a relative scale. If you're feeling clever, feel free to explain the full technicalities of the hack in the comments. Full logs are available at the source with the fun starting at "hahahahahha", from scotty2, the hero of the day. Credit must also be given to tmzt_dg2root, IntuitiveNipple, wootty and plenty of others.

Right now the permanent root method is not the most user-friendly, but it should only be a matter of days before there is a permanent root for the rest of us.

UPDATE: Paul O'Brien has flashed a custom recovery to his Desire Z with S-OFF, enabling writing to the /system partition and resizing of other partitions (Pic).

UPDATE 2: unforgiven512 has posted a guide to permanently rooting the G2 on XDA-Developers (Link: proceed with caution).

Source: #g2root via AndroidSPIN

Brian O'Toole
Having learnt his writing techniques reading e-Books of Sherlock Holmes, Brian now spends his time /kicking, lurking, SSHing and encoding.
  • http://www.gradweil.de alvinx

    Hell yeah ! Scotty2 made my day !

  • Mike

    Hopefully now they can get the notification light to actually notify you. I never thought I would want that more than anything else, but you never know how much you will miss a feature until it's not there.

    Oh, and pushing the trackpad to wake up the screen would be nice too.

  • McLovin

    I wonder if TMO will ever "get it" that obtaining root is a selling point. I was not going to buy this phone until I saw a successful OTA and a permanent root solution.

    I've seen a few on ebay for sale and the reason was frustration because of lack of permanent root.

  • Thomas

    You guys rock!! This phone is really amazing, now with rooting, it will be just PERFECT!!

  • http://www.lnxpowered.org Michael Perry

    I think any number of customers were reaching a frustration state with the G2. We had temporary root which could be sustained over reboots using VISIONary by Paul Martin. But as we all know, the real goal here is to "own the phone". HTC made it difficult but if I were them, I would learn its better for sales to give this route perhaps the same as on the NexusOne. You will gain more converts HTC. Less frustration, less numbers of remorse returns. Happy customers. Be customer driven and give us the choice. I own this G2 now.

  • Kenneth Sanchez

    I am new to the Android Craze. Why would I want to root my phone and what are the pro's and con's of rooting?

  • Oshua

    I just got my g2 and only recently found out that it was even called htc vision......can anybody respond to my post with a link to full and easy instructions on how to permanently root my device....and by the way.....can I do this directly from the device our do I need a computer at hand to make the transition easier? Thanks!