If you're a Vibrant owner interested in custom ROMs, then today is your lucky day. With their Éclair ROM amassing a  400-page thread in under a month, it's safe to say that Team Whiskey's new Obsidian release is going to draw the crowds. Posted on XDA-Developers just moments ago, let's take a look at just what this ROM has to offer:

Obsidian is the first release of Android 2.2, Froyo, from Team Whiskey. Obsidian is a build that follows closely to its sibling releases. A fast, efficient, dark themed power house that's sure to please the daily driver and power user alike. We've combined a number of current revision technologies built into Fusion and Bionix with the speed and power of JIT. To you, the user, this means fast reflexes and quick transitions, its where your phone intersects and design meets speed.
We took the Bionix that you've enjoyed so much and incorporated the Android 2.2, Froyo, experience you've been dying for. Welcome to Obsidian.

Considering the power that the Galaxy S family store under the hood, it's no surprise that this ROM is looking to be a real killer in terms of performance. The ROM also adds a bunch of tweaks that are sure to make your Vibrant experience smoother generally more pleasant:

- OCLF added
- Enhanced init.d scripting
- Updated Maps
- Updated update-script - permissions
- Added new YouTube.apk
- Fixed T9 issues
- HTC_IME keyboard added
- Reskinned swype with old skin per request
- Added 3 button toggle in pulldown - sounds on/silent/vibrate
- Fixed BT audio quality
- BT toggle now turns on BT automatically instead of taking you to BT setup screen
- Killed battery full notification in status bar
- Added auto zipalign script to init.d
- Sh.bin moddifed
- Increased wifi scanning gap to reduce battery drain
- Modified built in memory handler to strict
- Modified CFQ IO scheduler for optimized read/write
- Re-enabled low-latency mode
- Removed penalty for back-seeks
- Modified kernel scheduler - made less aggressive - this makes a huge difference in UI and app responsiveness
- Manually set starting dalvik heap size
- Changed all mounted partitions to 'noatime' - by default this is set to 'relatime' which causes slow downs.
- Updated Titanium Backup
- New boot/shutdown sounds - introducing 'Millie'
- Random framework-res edits

Vibrant users, be sure to let us know how you're finding this new ROM.

Source: XDA-Developers

Brian O'Toole
Having learnt his writing techniques reading e-Books of Sherlock Holmes, Brian now spends his time /kicking, lurking, SSHing and encoding.
  • Brandon

    Coming from fusion no more than 2 hours ago waking up to see fusion 1.2 its out I flash and fall in love again. Dark dark dark I love it! Then go back to read more and obsidian is out. 2.2? Fondly

  • Brandon

    Back to fusion I go... No black pull down. No black keyboard.. No double tap word for option while composing.. ( HUGE! Down side) .. And I haven't found a positive yet... Sorry bionix! But you are the only custom roms I flash! Black obsidian out and get back the double tap word edit and il be back... Flash back to fusion now

  • Jeremy

    I flashed this last night...seems to work well. Its nice to be back to 2.2 so that I can use the new GMail, YouTube, etc standalone apps that I was using when I had the Nexus One. My only noticeable problem so far has been that I quite frequently get a Forced Close for some process going by the name of 'screen capture'. Happens pretty randomly but other than that the phone is nice. Only registering 13 mflops on LinPack though....My nexus one with stock 2.2 was over 40 mflops...shouldnt the Vibrant be just as good seeing how it has a hummingbird processor inside of it.