Over the years, Verizon, the nation's largest wireless carrier, has been notoriously expensive plan-wise, especially compared to Sprint or T-Mobile. For example, you can currently get a 450 minute talk+text plan with unlimited data for $90 over at Verizon, while at Sprint, it will cost you $69.99 (+ the minutes can be used to call any carrier's mobile phone):

image image

Left: Verizon, right: Sprint

A new plan, or 2 plans to be exact, is being offered in a promotion, BGR found today, that are putting the current pricing to shame. Similar to Sprint, Verizon's new offer, sent to customers via email, now offers 450 minutes together with unlimited texting and data for $69.99, which is $20 cheaper than what we saw above. The family version of the plan offers 1400 minutes and the same unlimited data and text for $139.99, with $19.99 for additional lines.

The only requirement, besides having gotten an email with the offer, is a 1 year contract renewal. However, according to some comments I've been reading, even people who have not received the email are having luck upgrading to the new plans, if not on the first, then maybe on the 2nd or 3rd attempt. Why not save $20+ a  month, even if it takes a few phone calls?


Source: BGR

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  • Just Some Guy

    ADT (about damn time) they did something for the people that are paying for there service, with that in mind, To me its over pricing to have someone pay the price of there phone 2 times over in the two years that have there service.
    this brings up the point that all carriers need to move to this set up and make two kinda plains eg: one for 3g + Data (i only say data because text is data to say its not is dumb) and one for there 4g + data would just make the most of it all.

    This is my breakdown

    3G+Data 69.99
    3G+Data Family 129.99

    4G+data 79.99
    4G+data Family 149.99

    Now if At&t T-mo (t-mo has something kinda like that ) and other unnamed carriers out side of USA would all use that it would only come down to who has the best phone you like..


  • boriqua2000

    does it include unlimited minutes to any mobile phone regardless of carrier like sprint does?how about free tv?is the football app free like on sprint?do nights start at 7 oclock like sprint or at 9 oclock? im just curious.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      No, only Sprint does the mobile2mobile to any carrier thing. Not sure about the rest, I'm sure you can find out from Verizon if you call them up.

      • boriqua2000

        i work in a place with lots of machinery and i get no singnal with sprint.my friend has verizon and he gets great signal.i would switch to verizon if they gave me this plan with unlimited mobile to mobile regardless of carrier.

  • i3lade1117

    It worked for me on first try...... no questions asked.

  • Frank

    Just called and got my plan changed. The 1400 Family Plan has the Friends and Family as well. Just dropped my bill $30 a month AND added unlimited texting.

    I also didn't have the email and did it first try. And it didn't change my upgrade date or contract end date.

    Thanks a million for this!

  • Traci Kettinger

    I called on the first time, and the Rep was very excited to be able to offer this to me, she did not even ask if I had the email I just told her I found the link online.
    It saved me as a family with 5 lines over $130 a month.
    Much worth it to me to wait on the line to speak to them.
    Thanks Verizon, I am now even happier.

  • Cory

    Thank you so much for the article. I don't have a family plan but I do have a droid x on verizon. I called and what they gave me was unlimited mobile to mobile and unlimited text. They said they don't have unlimited data. Either way though I still got something. Thank you so much for the article!

  • Mike

    Work for me also. No questions asked and on the first call. Thanks for the tip!

  • Tony

    I changes the micro sd to a 8gig so I can have more space on my phone . How can you transfer the pictures to it