Our good friends at Wirefly released a video a few days ago showing a browser speed test between the new T-Mobile myTouch 4G and Apple's iPhone 4. The results added another win for the Android crowd, as the myTouch 4G bested the iPhone 4 in both tests.

The win gets even sweeter, though: the second page loads faster on the MT4G, even with the embedded YouTube video (albeit, it doesn't actually load the video). Andrew (of Wirefly) reminds us that "... there's one big difference here - this [the MT4G] has YouTube on the page, and YouTube is, of course, Flash - whereas the iPhone 4 does not have Flash, so it can't render that part of the webpage."

[Source: Wirefly]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

    I hate how the mt4g doesn't default to showing the whole page upon load.

    I love having the videos on the page though.

  • riffdex

    That's interesting. For a second I thought you were about to compare a 4G connection (or, rather, 3.5G - T-Mobile's "4G" isn't really 4G) to a 3G connection. It's interested to see that the myTouch finishes first, even when there is a flash object on the page. I know my Droid usually loads web pages a lot slower when there is flash present, and I hope my next Android phone remedies this.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Yea, I actually have Flash set to only display on demand. Drops load times tremendously.

    • Jayhammy

      True. Real 4G has up to 100Mbps. No carrier provides anywhere near that at the moment, even Sprint's "4G" nor will LTE. If you just consider 4G as "4th generation," then, both t-mobile and Sprint have 4G.

      From Gizmodo:
      If you think top speeds of 300Mbps for LTE and 72Mbps for WiMax are impressive, true 4G makes them look downright pokey. Today's 4G is "not anywhere near what the 4G experience will be in 10-15 years," says Hartman. You're talking about speeds of "up to a gigabit a second" in a wireless LAN, and 100Mbps for fully mobile applications. In other words, true 4G is a massive leap, not a dainty skip forward. There's also little things, like full capability for voice in LTE-Advanced, which there's no standard for in the current LTE spec.

      • Aaron Gingrich

        Regardless, Wirefly conducted the test using WiFi. Connection speed had nothing to do with it :)

  • IceBone

    What's really odd is that I ran my Desire alongside and it rendered even faster. :D
    Just one test isn't enough, you have to do it at least 10-20 times, there's a lot of factors that contribute to how fast a page loads, including how fast your connection is. Once it took about 30 seconds to load and I didn't change anything on the phone. Most of the time it rendered a lot faster than in this test, though, both pages, with flash set to always on, so it loaded that youtube video from the start.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Yea, for this to be a scientific test, more trials would be needed. Are you volunteering to conduct the test 20 times? ;)

      Also, they eliminated the connection speed variable by using WiFi on the same connection.

    • riffdex

      A WiFi connection speed varied from second to second. One second it might be a little faster, and in a minute it might be a little slower. But this is irrelevant to a test where both phones were browsing simultaneously. I understand that having more tests would be more scientific. But for my money, I'm glad he did his test (even if it was only one time), this test is accurate enough for me to see the speed differences.

      Btw, is your phone overclocked? I would guess that for a Desire to beat them both it would probably be OC but who knows. Also, who knows how fast your WiFi was at the moment, in relation to his WiFi at the moment he did the test? Hows that for "need more empirical data"? d:

      • IceBone

        Exactly! My Desire is completely stock, but rooted.

        I can't tell you how fast my wireless was compared to his, but I'm on a 10/10 line, however on the other side of the Atlantic.

        I just tried it again, with a cleared cache it loaded the first page in 6.5 seconds (MyTouch 4G in the video took 9 seconds) and the second one in 4 seconds (same as mytouch). It varies.

        Also, this is 5.5 hours after boot up and moderate usage.

  • James

    That was SUCH a huge difference... lol