Opera Mobile for Android (not to be confused with its Mini brethren) has certainly been long in the making, but according to a recent tweet by @opvard, one of Opera's employees, it's finally around the corner. The tweet didn't reveal much, but it did inform us that the mobile browser is on track for a November 9th release, adding a definitive date to the awesome Next page that we saw yesterday. It may not be as exciting as Samsung's upcoming announcement on Monday, but still, it's about time Andy sees a real version of the wonder that is Opera.


Sources: @opvard (Twitter), Opera

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • tom brewer

    Since I already use mini opera instead of onboard browser on my android... what's the difference? ?

  • Alan Tucker

    Opera Mini compresses the web pages on Opera's servers prior to the content being delivered to you. Opera Mobile uses that method only when you use Turbo Mode, which is off by default.

    Opera Mobile is generally considered to be the better of the two browsers as it has more features, one of which is pinch to zoom.

  • tom brewer

    Very nice. thanks Alan. btw, can i still import all of my bookmarks through opera? thought maybe you might know .

  • Alan Tucker

    You should be able to using Opera Link

  • tom brewer

    Thank you good sir. i have older G1, 1.6 but most likely will be rooting it soon. not enough onboard memory for the apps i want. plus i want access to mutli touch and new life for an older phone.

  • Alan

    The G1, wow that's an old phone!!!!

    That was the first Android phone I tried and I was really impressed with it.

  • Alan Tucker

    Still, rooting and CyanogenMod 6.1 will give you an almost full port of Android 2.2.

  • Ricky

    Tom get a evo 4g and all you dreams will come true...lol

    • Alan Tucker

      Assuming he lives in America, it's a waste of time getting one if you live outside the US, in which case, get the Desire.

  • tom brewer

    as of right now im actually happy with tyhe G1. its still very stable, and yes while it was first android phone; like you said rooting it and putting cyogen 2.2 on it will give it a second life. if i update to newer phone later it will either be samsung galaxy s or the G2.

    i want to get most out of this phone to prove older phones can still compete and be viable... especially when im running apps from the sd card and phone is safely overclocked. its a tech head and ex hackers lil dream. lol

    yes i am in AZ, USA.

  • Alan Tucker

    The modding community is great for older Android handsets.

    Talking about web browsers, the article below this one is for a chinese web browser that has been translated into english called MIUI Browser. I have it installed at the moment and it's not bad.

    The developers have also stated that they are working on an official english translation.