Last Updated: December 13th, 2010

As the Android platform celebrated its 2nd birthday last month, I thought now would be a good time to take a step back and look at all the music players available on the Market right now. Only a year ago, there were just a couple of worthy contenders, but now we have a choice of more than a dozen very good and popular apps and a few hundred not so popular ones. It's easy to get lost, isn't it?

What I'm looking for is not just a vote for the best app but also your reasoning for why it deserves to be #1. What does it do that others don't? Why do you think its implementation is the best of the bunch? I encourage you to not leave this page without explaining if you cast a vote.

I'll go first. For a long time, my favorite player has been TuneWiki due to its ability to play Shoutcast streams (meaning online radio). However, lately, it has been stuttering and dying a lot on my EVO, so I abandoned the idea and switched to playing local music with Winamp.

I was extremely excited about Winamp when it was released, but it got quickly trumped by a new and completely unexpected player ("player" pun intended) called PowerAMP (post #2) by an unknown Russian developer Max MP. PowerAMP still tops my personal chart to this day.

Why do I love PowerAMP so much? It has a gorgeous interface, an equalizer (it really does make a difference), and flawless headset button control, including something I've never seen implemented before - the ability to skip to the next song upon a long press of the headset button. To me, personally, that last feature is worth the most, as I can now move on to the next song while biking by just tapping my cord (FYI: these are the earphones I use: Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10vi).


Now it's your turn. What is your favorite music player and why? Cast your vote and proceed to the comment zone.

What is your favorite Android music player?

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  • http://androidpolice.com Brian

    Rockbox, because it's rockbox.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      You're a nerd to the core, you know that Brian?

      • tanpa_nama

        u must have a disorder on your ear till u say rockbox is bad.u can never compare rockbox sound quality to other players.it's the king.try 2 see doctor,artem.u need 2 fix your ear.

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          Cool story, bro. I never said it was bad, did I?

  • http://evildroid.net eljamz

    HTC Music... or even Grooveshark online service player... :)

  • http://www.hollercentral.com boomdraw

    Just got PowerAMP today. Probably the best thing out there. It simply spits hot fire.

  • Snail

    Im all Spotify here

  • Alessandro

    i loveeee lithium music player! its so sexy and i love how it can boost the volume on the phone past 100%

  • dominic

    cube or small 3
    it has the best interface

  • John

    PowerAMP for me simply because of the equalizer and ui. It rocks!

    • Anton

      What about your battery life? Since install noticed 2h less. Milestone @ GoT2.2

  • Slipgate

    Was using Cubed (3) but I have to say PowerAmp ftw after using it now. The sound quality is much better than the others when you start using the eq and "tune" presets. Very powerful player. Can't wait for pro.

  • BDub

    I agree with you Artem. My 2 top favorites now are WinAmp & PowerAmp. I love winamp because it just works. Also, it has the lockscreen feature which actually works, unlike the built-in player. Also, I like PowerAmp because of the equalizer option as well as just like WinAmp, it just works with no issues. I have deleted all other music players from my phone at this time.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Ah yeah, the lockscreen control was very good, I miss it. Also, WiFi sync and phone->PC streaming in Winamp is very good, but the long-press to go to next song is the most important feature to me personally.

  • Fabio

    Oh my god didnt you tried PlayerPro?

    • http://blog.152.org metric152

      I've tried playerpro. It's a skinned port of the stock player. Pretty disappointing compared to winamp or poweramp.

  • wicked six

    I prefer the powerAMP player for its integration of the lock screen, great looks and a fully equipped equalizer that doesn't cause stutter when you adjust it like others. Only thing its missing is an option to set it as default to interact with my dock screens.

  • HockeyPhool

    WinAmp - lockscreen works, plus last.fm scrobbling integration

  • Magnus

    The best music player is easily Spotify!

  • mr.burgess

    Ftouch music player great interface and setup,view lycrics while listing,one click album art, and my fav. you can group music into whatever folder you want it only lacks a widget

  • BashyUK

    Winamp is solid and with lockscreen works great. Fine with standard headphones too. You have $300 headphones?! In the UK we would call them la di da headphones for the posh folk. :-)

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Heh, yeah, and I'd spend that much again in a flash for their quality. Considering it's something I use half of my day, I think $300 is nothing.

      • http://blog.152.org metric152

        I've spent quite a bit on headphones trying to find a good pair since I use them all day too. Wouldn't quite spend that much though.

  • OFI

    I don't think any of them are perfect yet

    Xiialive is perfect for streaming but it's a bit different to the others.

    I like what Winamp and PowerAmp have brought to the table so soon.
    DoubleTwist has a well polished UI but frequently forgets I have any music..

    Right now my favourite flavour is PlayerPro. The way you browse by album cover looks great, it's highly customizable too and finds Album Art. I just wish It was a little better to navigate the covers in Landscape.

  • Dennis

    Cubed still gets my vote. Poweramp is nice but I still like the UI of cubed.

  • http://avantguardsystems.com Curtis Vaughan

    Subsonic. Why have to write music over to your device and be limited by what's on it. With Subsonic you can have access to your entire music library!

    • Adam

      I was reading through all the comments and I thought I was going to be the first person to say Subsonic...interface could be better...but it's like I have a100gb sd card...awesome!

      • Coldman

        Indeed, for streaming I heard it's great. How is it for playing local content (if it can even do that), for those times when you don't have a stable connection (like Artem in the train here)?

        • http://avantguardsystems.com Curtis Vaughan

          No it doesn't play local content. Also, I would note that it can stream pretty much any music file type. So, I have a lot of FLAC files as well as mp3's.
          You can also choose to download any song(s) by tagging them and choosing the option to download.
          However, I would be interested to know if Adam experience this issue. Any music I listen to on Subsonic ends up copied over to my N1. So, it is then available for listening with the built in player. Whereas my sd card never gets filled up, I wonder whether it's deleting "older" songs as well. Haven't really paid a lot of attention.

        • Adam

          You can change the cache size in settings...i have mine set to one hundred MB...but you could set it to unlimited if u wanted to delete music manually

  • Dave W

    Cubed for me, it has the best control when using it while driving, I don't want to fiddle with little buttons.

    Looks great and smooth....

  • Astria

    ve only tried Winamp besides the stock player... Winamp is definitely my choice... it's more responsive than the stock player on my Hero...

  • jake

    Lithium then PowerAmp poweramp loses on ability to edit playlists. Lithium tho just because of the ability to crossfade songs. If there were a way to combine the 2 it would be perfect

  • Splitfinity

    don't flame me too hard, but all i want is a player like my iphone had. So smooth, so easy to navigate, it is the ONLY thing i miss about my iphone. Every player i've tried just seems "clunky" or unpolished compared to it.

    • John

      You should try PowerAMP! I think it is the closest to the iphone experience, and may be even better!

      • uqs

        I feel exactly the same way. Finally something to rival the iOS player.

    • http://blog.152.org metric152

      You should check out bTunes.

  • maglito

    Andless for support of flac and other lossless audio codecs

  • Brian

    Astro Player needs to be on this list. Complete with an equalizer and easy interface, it's a worthy competitor to PowerAmp.

  • VanAlbumen

    Switched from stock to cubed, for the "add to now playing" a few moons ago.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Winamp has that too, among others.

      • six41

        tinyPlayer is my fave. love folder browsing vs tags.

      • VanAlbumen

        Found out Poweramp has enque to current playlist,.

  • mr.burgess

    Ftouch is the best

  • http://www.wix.com/Gigitsu/Gigitsu/Home GigiAUT

    I have PowerAmp and I love it, but the only feature missing in my opinion is the Add To Now Playing. Otherwise the performance is great even on my Wildfire. The lockscreen widget works better than the WinAmp one on my phone and the library updates a lot quicker than the other players.

  • Just Some Guy

    PowerAmp! say it with me! (PowerAmp,,, echo.. echo.. whisper.. power... amp...) because in time it will out do some of the other music players.
    Because wen i went to there site and happen to see some of the upcoming feathers that they are going to come out with (and they are nice), And guess what its 40 60% of what was named ^ this post.

    ×÷·.·´¯`·)» JuSoGu «(·´¯`·.·÷×

  • james

    Audiogalaxy beats all of these. Seriously.

    • bk w/ bloody sauce

      totally agree, Audiogalaxy streams all my music from my mac..or windows for you windows users and the cool thing, even though it doesn't directly link to itunes, it sees my itunes playlists...that is just sweet.

      • http://avantguardsystems.com Curtis Vaughan

        Haven't tried out Audiogalaxy, but it looks interesting. One big problem, it looks like it doesn't have a Linux port. BAD! Also, will it play all file types? Finally, how do you listen to it on any computer? These are all reasons why I went with Subsonic.

        • Michael

          Audiogalaxy supports MP3, AAC, ALAC, and FLAC. The Audiogalaxy helper works fine via WINE for Linux. You listen to it on any computer via any computer browser. For Android and iOS use the Audiogalaxy apps in Android Market and iTunes.

  • uqs

    The thing is that I'm a Spotify subscriber, which sucks since I love the UI, responsiveness and features of PowerAMP so much more. The "only thing" (it's quite a big thing though) that Spotify's got going for itself is that it's well, Spotify and supports streaming and even downloading offline playlists from the cloud. Oh well, I guess I'll have to live with using both of them.

  • Alan

    I use Doubletwist, it may lack options but being able to sync music using the desktop app simplifies things enormously.

  • TareX

    PowerAMP is so good, I seriously doubt the default Gingerbread player will trump it.

  • Mer Ner

    Personally, I use Spotify as I'm a subscriber to the service.

    I'm relatively happy with using Spotify to play my local media (mainly because I can easily sync it with my PC). Although I think it could be improved (with additional features and an improved UI).

    The main reason I don't use any other music player is that I don't want to install multiple applications for the same function.

  • boyakasha

    I'll prpbably get massively flamed for this but I preffer the stock player on the Galaxy S. I know it sucks as a player per se but the playback controls in the lock screen and in the notification area is just way too convenient.

  • Paul Atreides

    Power AMP was love at first sight. Some controls did seem hidden at first though. Once you play around with it you get used to it pretty easily. I'd like to see a better equalizer though, similar to Mixzing's.

  • paxmos

    How about Lithium Music Player. It has crossfading as well as gapless play back. UI is great as well.

  • AMDG

    MortPlayer for me, I like to setup my music by genres and for awhile I could not find an app that did that but IMO MortPlayer is even better because it lets you create folders, I admit I haven't used any of the newer apps so idk if it has that option. I do like that eq setting though!

  • Haz

    I am looking for a music player that can do this:

    Has controls on the lock-screen.

    Easily controlled without having to look down at the screen all that much... which basically means not some teeny tiny buttons that are all crammed together.

  • kustodian

    Winamp, because it's the only player that can manipulate "now playing" (even though it calls it "playing queue") like it is a regular playlist, which means it can add/remove songs as well as sort them very easy. It needs a few more features, some minor tweaks to the widget and the lock screen, and it will be perfect.

  • mojoid

    power amp for playing nice with flac. 2 ch of parametric would be as nice as all those graphic fixed freq/Q bands but what the hell. love all the player choices most!

  • Danielle

    Winamp & Winamp Remote FTW! Winamp's ability to add now playing to a playlist, the player widget, real-time scrobbling to Last.fm, and streaming music from my computer to my player (T-mobile G1) from Winamp Remote (beta.) Pretty solid package.

  • stephan

    OMG what kind of a poll is that ? PLAYERPRO is by far the most complete player out there: artist info, artwork for album/artist, support for lyrics, lockscreen (1000 times above others), tag editor ... Winamp is lacking so many things so as poweramp. Poweamp is a battery killer. 1h no more battery. PLAYERPRO forever !

  • Mike

    PlayerPro is HANDS DOWN the best. Whoever said it's a 'skin' of the default one has absolutely no clue what they are talking about. You're right, it shares an API, which is generally a BETTER approach to developing because it makes it more integrated. It takes the good things from the stock player and improves upon them GREATLY. You are all depriving yourselves of the best player on the market.

  • Adrien

    PlayerPro is the best !!!

  • joey

    I'm appalled to see that PlayerPro is not listed in this poll.
    PlayerPro has been in top 10 best android market multimedia apps for months now. See for yourself and read the comments left by the users ...
    It seems the author of this article purposely did not include it ... kind of sad.

  • Pyves

    The best music player on Android is without any doubt Music PlayerPro! They dared not to list it in the poll!!! I tried PowerAmp, mixzing, cubed, lythium, but it's definitely the best! It has many features (tag editor, artist and album art grabber, many browsing types, lyrics, several different playlists, and many more...). It also has 5 home screen widgets and 2 lock screen widgets. It is a very customizable app, you can pick between 9 different skins! The last release is absolutely great, it includes song ratings!
    Power amp is really bad, how can some say it is the best???? Only the EQ is correct, but it has barely any other features...
    PlayerPro is the must for Android!

  • http://www.candytunes.com trevor

    candytunes.com is my fav cuz I built it :-p

    its actually pretty awesome - been working on it for 3 yrs

  • http://www.candytunes.com android music player

    candytunes.com is a pretty good web based music app.

  • android

    Is there a musicplayer with srs surround or dolby in the market ?

  • http://www.candytunes.com android music player

    Smartphones don't do dolby surround, but if the music is mixed well and you plug your smartphone into a good stereo system, it sounds pretty good.

  • Vishal

    Museek i mean tagging is so awesomely done just misssing scrobbling through simple last fm instead natively but so awesome!

  • android

    The lg km900 has dolby surround and the htc thunderbolt has dolby surround.

  • Jang

    I work in a bar atmosphere and would like to use my Android phone to play background music to guests. Since I can't seem to turn off any notifications for incoming calls, I run the risk of having the whole dining room burdened by my ringtone. I am using TuneWiki. Is this the problem? Do most other players allow you to silence other alert sounds or do I need to d/l a separate app.

  • ellz

    Music player pro is the best android music player on market now

  • Ken

    Try Jukefox. its cool music player below I will describe some good points:
    1. you can search album with 3D animation selection,

    2. shake control for next and previous (you also can adjust the shake sensitivity,

    3. change the lock screen to its full screen widget with 3 buttons next, prev, pause/play with album cover display (this will activated when the music starts playing)

    4. search feature by artist, tittle, album (start searching by the time you typed a letter)

    5. interactive menu display.

    No EQ.

  • ProDigit

    Better for large libraries!

    (my reply is too short, therefor this extra text! BLABLABLABLABLA!)

  • SliverSurfer

    I listen to a lot of different podcasts every day. I need a player that lists "Recently Added" and flags to show if I've listened to it, not listened to it yet, or have partially listened to it.

    The stock player on my old Nokia (which I just gave up last week for my first Android, an HTC Sensation) does this.


    I Try this players:

    1 stockplayer- good and brillant ui and enough sound quality but not perfect...

    2 playerpro- good more stock player and very usefull... and have good sound quality but deep basses not enough not high fidelity

    3 poweramp- very good deep and real basses and much more best sound quality others. you can feel real music soul in your ears. but very very very primitive ui...

    and the last words... if we are use this players for listening music, we must choise best quality sound. and poweramp beat others in this way...

    • John O’Keefe

      To be honest that's assuming that you want deep bass instead of original recording for sounds.

  • http://www.candytunes.com android music player

    Try candytunes - It is a totally unique and awesome music player that plays amazing streaming music from mainstream to awesome indie bands.

  • Kassandra

    I'm surprised Kie player is not as famous as the above. Its lightweight, responds very fast,has lyrics finder, and nice sound.I tried most of these popular players and i still prefer kie on my x10 mini pro.

  • billz

    Has anybody tried uber music?. I like that it dl the album art and has a great interface

  • Fule

    I wish there was a free non-streaming FLAC player. Or is there one that I don't know about?

  • iskandar

    u might wanna check these bro:

    -music playerpro

    they got equalizers aswell n cool interfaces

  • wrishaba

    I Personally feel


  • wrishaba

    TT Pod. Why Because........
    Best audio players
    Double twist
    Player Pro
    Real Player
    Stock player
    and so on.
    But filtering all those players
    we get Player pro, Poweramp, TTpod, winamp stands because of its quality in sound and various aspects. Filtering again for drawbacks.....
    1. winamp equiliser problum in aac and distribution of sound in channals l and r
    2. Player pro DSP effects not so smooth.
    3. Poweramp efficient but sound aspect literally over shadows and crispy sometimes when using Bluetooth headset.
    4. and finally I opt to go for TT Pod.2.1.8 It has equiliser, crossfade, skins, lyric display, Shake function, folder options, album art download and display, widgets, browser options, and more the output sound is amazing.
    Hence my vote for TTPOD 2.1.8

  • Viki

    3 player.... Simply awesome... ;)

  • tanpa_nama

    hahaha...u r right.u never said that.i was misunderstanding.i'm sorry 4 being sarcastic,bro.

  • g24indian

     shuffle music player by khannasahab
    is simple and good, it reminds me of my first mp3 player.
    Its shuffling is just superb . try it

  • John O’Keefe


  • Hunter

    Jukefox, because of it's epic features. No equalizer, but i love the Smart Shuffling and Music Maps. Can't forget Tag Cloud Playlists, now can i?

  • http://www.facebook.com/hseungun SeungUn Ham

    I use android Tom Player for 3 reasons
    1. easy to add lyrics to an mp3 files 2. supports all media files3. intuitive and elegant design
    check it out

  • Román Rodríguez

    PlayerPro is the best for me.

  • Koyot3

    Player pro

  • Enigma

    For me , I have found like isense 3d music player looks great ..... :-)

  • OIC

    I would have Voted for PowerAmp, If I have'nt used Astro Player Yesterday..PowerAmp is only good On Android 4.0+ because it works Best with Directvolume switched on, which is only possible in android 4.0+. W/o DirectVolme Feature It sounds Horrible and tiny. But AstroPlayer Gives Awesome output on any Phone. So Astro Player For Excellent performance and Better looks..