While we linked a pretty impressive Wirefly deal for pre-ordering the MyTouch 4G a while back, if you didn't take advantage of it, the phone is now available to everyone on T-Mobile's website for $199 after a mail-in rebate on a 2-year contract, new or extended. Presumably the device can be found at your local T-Mobile store as well.

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If you're not fond of the contractual ball and chain, the MyTouch 4G will set you back $450 purchased standalone, sans contract. Considering the phone's feature set (4G [well, HSPA+], front facing camera, 720P video capture), this is a pretty competitive off-contract price. T-Mobile has also snuck in a fourth color option for the MyTouch 4G: plum. So, if you found yourself on the fence about the MT4G for a lack of purple, you're in luck.

We still think the white version is pretty spiffy, though. Oh, and don't forget to accessorize.

Source: T-Mobile via android-life

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