T-Mobile Comet + LG Optimus T Free


Were you one of the many people surprised and delighted when T-Mobile announced that it would be selling the LG Optimus T for just $29.99? If so, you're about to be even more surprised and delighted - both the Optimus T and its Huawei-built brethren are now available for $0.00 on a new two-year contract!

It's not exactly shocking to see Wirefly touting the device free of charge when some of their recent deals are taken into account, but it certainly is a bit surprising to see that T-Mobile's doing the same. While the latter's still charging $29.99 for the colored versions of the phones, Wirefly will hand you both the Burgundy and the Titanium versions free.

Meanwhile, the Huawei Comet is also free from both Wirefly and T-Mobile, though we don't find it nearly as enticing. Still, for the price of nothing, it would be hard to say no.

One final note: Wirefly will also give you both phones free on an add-a-line plan, something not often seen! And now for the all-important question: how many of these suckers should you buy?

Sources: Wirefly (Optimus T Titanium, Burgundy) (Comet), T-Mobile (Optimus T Black, Titanium, Burgundy) (Comet)

Jaroslav Stekl
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