If you were hungering for more juicy details on the Motorola Droid Pro, today is your lucky day, as documents have just surfaced revealing the pre-sale and launch date of the device. While details are slim, the documents reveal that the pre-sale kicks off November 9th and the official launch date is November 18th. If you order between November 9th and November 17th, you’ll get your Droid Pro before the launch date - never a bad thing!


At this point we don't have a real number in regards to the price, but hopefully it will end up being near the unofficial standard of $200. As always, we'll keep you updated on the Droid Pro and will hopefully have some more detailed pricing information as time passes.


Personally, I plan on being first in line for this phone. Do you plan on ordering one?

Source: Android Central

  • pepos

    will appear this phone on europe?

  • primo

    Nah! IPHONE BOUND! :)

    • http://Phonecan.com menno

      If the iphone was bound to Verizon, APPLE would be hosting a press conference on the 8th, not Verizon.

  • Modernmagic

    I never liked the name iPhone because it is mostly a hand held computer. Due to its historical significance and "house hold name" popularity it is an "iconic" device. In 50 years, I'll bet that more people will remember that time when the iPhone changed the market but I doubt they will remember by name the " droid pro". Therefore I would not consider it "iconic". The droid is not a Sinatra, Mickey mouse, ford mustang or iPod as examples of icons.