Google Maps was updated to version 4.60  last week, and you may not have noticed it on the surface, but contained inside were some interesting resources providing an early glimpse at the style direction Gingerbread is set to take. Freenode IRC member canadiancow rather astutely spotted that there was a folder contained within the 4.60 APK that included icons and styling for API level 9, whilst we're currently on level 8 with Froyo. He changed all references to level 9 down to level 8 and recompiled the APK, and voilà, this is what Maps will look like (on left):

image image

Obviously not a great deal has changed, but we are liking the new styling on the buttons, and the slight-transparency on the pop-up dialog. Hopefully this more-professional look is a hint at what's soon to follow.

[Thanks for the tip, CanadianCow!]

Brian O'Toole
Having learnt his writing techniques reading e-Books of Sherlock Holmes, Brian now spends his time /kicking, lurking, SSHing and encoding.
  • Narwhal

    Why sharpen it up and leave that stupid huge ogorish down-arrow-circle icon on the modal dialog.


  • Nathan

    well i like the new colors, but i personally preferred the rounded edges.

    • Tony

      Yeh, but at least they committed to a style, instead of being half-way between sharp edges and really-rounded edges(aka palm pre) tho i agree i wish they woulda went more in the other direction.

  • tester

    I think this picture can't say about visualization power of 2.3, because it may contains UI capabilities that support by 2.3 that was excluded from resources in application package.

  • Noel

    I really do hope there would be a version of maps with voice nav that will be loaded on the device and work without data connection in areas where reception is bad...very crucial if u depend on google voice navigation..which i should add, i love soooo much. I hope Google is up to smth big in this regards..besides when it comes to maps they have the goods...ie street view, google turn by turn nav, Google earth etc.......

  • TareX

    Contrasts are improved and everything, but I was expecting a more "glassy" interface, similar to that of the Nexus Gallery (which was supposed to be what the entire Gingerbread experience will resemble)

    • David

      lets not jump to conclusions ;)

  • Bigtex

    @TareX I believe those were rumors that were stated to be false, regarding Gingerbread to come out looking like the Nexus One 3D gallery. They came out with the rumor of Gingerbread only working on 1Ghz CPU devices and high end devices. They were shot down by Google, which doesn't exactly mean it's false.

    I don't mind the new look. I don't mind the current look either. The square buttons are almost a throwback to Android 1.0-1.3. I was just formatting and updating a G1 recently and had a chuckle at what I was excited about when I got my first G1. Really square blocks.

    Android has come a long way since then and I still crave more.

    • discostu

      "Improvement is the path from the primitive over the complicated to the simple"
      - Wernher von Braun

    • TareX

      @Bigtex Well the specs rumor was shot down, but the UI look rumor (resembling Cooliris' 3D Nexus One gallery) was actually confirmed by Google at the I/O, when they showed the Gingerbread Music Player, which had the exact same "glassy" look of the Nexus One gallery app.

      In addition to that, all the leaks point towards the fact Google wants to Unify the Android UI experience so that they all don't seem disjointed (Homescreen, Music, Gallery, Maps UIs)... So far, Music and Gallery have a glassy UI, so maybe that's what we'll see for Gingerbread's maps too...

      • Gee

        I agree. Google's new graphic direction with Android (newer Android apps, Google TV) is more of a "light" look -- both in the sense of minimalism and... light. The Voice app has a vibrant light outline and so does Google TV and the 3D gallery.

        I also don't think that glossy is the right term. Sure there's some lighting that may give it a little gloss but it still feels simple and it's unlike Palm's or Apple's gloss.

  • Gee

    I'm going to go on a limb and say that this is not a true representation of what Gingerbread looks like. A lot of graphic files used by Apps reference to the OS framework; and I doubt that Gmaps itself would house all of the required graphics. So what were probably looking at is a extremely stripped down and bare look.

    Gingerbread will probably look a lot like a mix between:

    1. Froyo
    2. The 3D gallery
    3. The new Voice command/actions app
    4. Google TV

  • Mike

    Mine doesnt look like that and its up to date :/ lol

    • the Goat

      Try reading the article. You have to hack the app package to trick it into using the new theme.

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