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Google, as it does every month, has released updated Android platform version distribution charts today. What's changed? From last month, not a whole lot. Froyo expanded a solid 3%, from a little over 33% of the Android-verse at the beginning of October to over 36% as of yesterday, with Donut and Cupcake both losing more ground.

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Pac-Man hungers for donuts and cupcakes

Éclair actually gained a few tenths of a percent, most likely due to continued sales of Samsung's Galaxy S phones, which are all shipping with Android 2.1 installed. Much of this will probably change come January, however, as Samsung has stated they hope to get all Galaxy S devices running 2.2 before the end of the year.

Even so, to show how far Android has come, take a look at this chart from the first of July, only four months ago:


Android is experiencing rapid growth and evolution, and as the days of Donut and Cupcake draw ever closer to an end, it feels like Android's fragmentation "problem" is dissipating. Of course, Gingerbread may upset the apple cart a little.

Source: Android Developers

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    Ice Cream??? Did you mean Cupcake???

    • David Ruddock

      lol. Good catch. It's early.

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        no problem. ^_^

  • http://pyrous.net trixtur

    Another reason Eclair gained some users is due to the fact that Motorola finally got around to upgrading their Cliq phones which were running on Cupcake.