Welcome to the weekly roundup of the best new Android applications and games that went live in the Market in the previous week or so.

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Best New Android Apps

Angry Aviary Lite

PLEASE READ: This app requires ★ROOT★ access to function & Angry Birds *already* installed on your device, this is not the game itself!
This is a companion app which allows multiple users to maintain personal game state on a single device.

Android Police coverage: New In The Market: Angry Aviary Lets You Share Multiple Angry Birds Profiles On The Same Device [Root]

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Optimised for hi-res devices! (Galaxy Tab,Droid,Desire,Nexus,EVO)
Run for your life through colorful neon mazes chased by ever-vigilant security forces.
Play stealthily to avoid encounters, prepare traps for your enemies, or just rush as fast as you can.
The only way out is the way through!

Also available: EVAC non-HD and EVAC Lite.

Android Police coverage: EVAC From Hexage Arrives – You Want This Game. Now [First Look]

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Fancy Widget

This widget is back after being gone for months! See our coverage below for more info.

Clock and Weather Widget
- Clock with 12/24 hour format
- Weather forecast
- Celsius/fahrenheit
- Geolocation for weather or search city by name/zipcode
- Configurable refresh interval
- Landscape mode support


Android Police coverage: Fancy Widget For Android Finally Returns After Cease & Desist From HTC And Months Of Disappearance

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Note: the app is FREE from FrostWire's website.

Search, Browse and Share files locally and over the Internet via WiFi using P2P
You can
- Search & download files on millions of devices
- Browse & download from the closest peers
- Share files on Social Networks
- Explore your own files
- Chat
- Send files
- Control what's shared
No 3G support b/c of carrier rules

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Rendered in beautiful vector graphics Tanks! is a reworking of the 80's arcade classic Battlezone.
Seek out and destroy as many enemy tanks as you can. How long will you survive?

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Squibble Lite

Help Squibble swing, bounce, and slingshot his way home in an epic, fast-paced 2D platformer that's easy to learn but hard to master. Get ready for the full version of Squibble with Squibble Lite, a special sneak peek of the first six levels of this Android-exclusive game!

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iPhone Ringtones

iPhone Ringtones! All the popular iPhone sounds like Marimba or Tri tone now available on your Android Phone.
Play the sounds directly as soundboard or set them as your default ringtones or notifications.
You can also add the sounds to your alarm sounds list of your phone.

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Star Traders RPG

Command your spacecraft and journey across the galaxy in this epic Space Simulation / Space Opera Role Playing Game (RPG.) Pick sides in a galactic conflict and play as bounty hunter, merchant, pirate or smuggler. Buy, sell, fight and capture over 50 ship types. Captains land, explore and trade on more than 40 planets.

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ROM Gripper

* Download thousands of ROMs directly on your phone from the Internet.
* The ROMs can be directly played with emulators such as Nesoid, SNesoid, GameBoid, Gensoid and GBCoid.
* Support for name filtering.
* No need to unzip when SNES
* Change directory

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NAVIGON MobileNavigator USA

NAVIGON MobileNavigator transforms your mobile phone
into a complete navigation system.
Included are on-board maps for the U.S.
Please make sure you have a WIFI connection when downloading the maps.
+ Text-to-speech
+ Traffic Live
+ Reality Scanner
+ NAVIGON MyRoutes
+ Reality View Pro

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Light Grid Pro Live Wallpaper

A live wallpaper which displays a grid of lights fading in and out. Completely customize the shapes, colors, and speeds!
+ Squares, circles, hexagons, and more!
+ Save and load color presets!
+ Ripple and wave effects!
Press Home > Menu > Wallpapers > Live Wallpapers to use.

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Music WithMe (Free Trial)

Wirelessly and automatically sync your iTunes library and your smartphone to have your music played anywhere, anytime.
Get the Music WithMe app for Android and the desktop software on your Windows computer (coming soon to Mac), select the playlists to sync and Music WithMe will automatically get your playlists and tracks.

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Pocket Informant Pub Beta

Pocket Informant PUBLIC BETA is a fully redesigned from the ground up calendaring and GTD®-based tasks solution for Android Devices. Our purpose is to integrate best-of-class calendaring with best-of-class tasks together into one great solution. Beta Expires January 24th, 2011
Read more here: http://tinyurl.com/piabeta

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FourTracks – Recording Studio

Turn your phone into a mobile Multi track recroding studio.
Great for musicians, singers and composers.
* 4 audio tracks, with volume knob and mute button.
* Marvelous viewer. Pinch to zoom, easy scrolling.
* Mix down WAV and OGG, share with friends.
Tip: use headphones.

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Business Calendar Beta

Complete calendar app that sync with Google Calendar
* smooth scroll- and zoomable multi-day view (2-14 days)
* graphical and textual presentation
* month-, day-, list- and eventview
* quickly fade in/out calendars using the favorite bar
* search function

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pvz is a Plants vs Zombies clone.

Add plant to defend your house from the zombie.There are three modes-day, night and challenge. Three mini games-smash pot,beat zombie and slot machine. You can upload your score and get some achievements when you finish some mini game. 2.5 version solved the problem of receive call.[contact me for other langue version]

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OnStar MyLink

OnStar MyLink offers an amazing level of control and connection with your vehicle. Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick and GMC owners with 2011 model year eligible vehicles can use their mobile phone to access real-time data such as fuel level and oil-life, and perform remote commands like unlocking their doors.

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Talking Harry the Hedgehog

Harry is a very tired and bored hedgehog but if you give him an energy drink he becomes either a karate master or a sci-fi bullet dodger.
He repeats everything you say. In karate mode he speaks very quickly and in bullet dodge mode he speaks with an echo.
Record videos of him and share them on YouTube/Facebook or e-mail.

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Tube-Mate for YouTube

Enjoy "http://m.youtube.com" fully - search, related videos, Favorites and store them to SD card in various qualities (up to Full-HD). it helps you enjoy YouTube videos off-line.
480x270 for general devices
1280x720(HD) for high-end devices
1920x1080(Full-HD) for PC

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Armored Defense Lite – Beta

Strategic Tower Defense, a surprise from start to end. Far away of others in quality, realism and game play.
Unique Features: BIG scenarios (3 levels of zoom) railways and minefields!
Special equipment of tanks: Speed boost, Stealth, Anti-missile, Auto-Repair, and The Tortoise.
Decide your strategy and save your homeland!

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Droidget Camera

What is Droidget Camera?
An application to take picture with Widgets on the screen.
How to Extend Function of Camera?
Extension of camera function can be downloaded from the "Widget Gallery". Each widget downloaded are shown when it is "launched".
OS:Android 2.2 or later.

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Adobe Connect Mobile

Attend Adobe® Connect™ meetings anytime, anywhere with Adobe® Connect™ Mobile. Watch and listen to live presentations and collaborate with others using live chat.
Want to host meetings for others to join? Use your Adobe Connect account or sign up for a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL of Adobe Connect: http://adobe.com/go/try_adobeconnect

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Clockr is a minimalist clock widget, similar to Tajm. The author took the app out of the Market for now to fix some bugs, but promises it will be back soon. In the meantime, you can download and read about it in the xda thread.


Android Police coverage: Meet Clockr: Replace Your Clock With Pure Text

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