Finally, some empirical evidence that illustrates what we've known for some time now: Android is growing like gangbusters. In fact, 28% of smartphones sold in Q1 2010 were Android, compared to 21% for iOS. RIM still holds the top spot with 36%, but that's a drop of roughly 12% in the past year - while iOS has fallen approximately 10% itself. In the same period, Android increased over 20%.


In fact, it seems like Android grew at the expense of just about everyone else - excluding a minor 1-2% increase in "other". And as Android continues to expand across the line of devices - from smartphones to ultra-cheap featurephones - it's likely that the overall number of Android devices will continue to grow.

NPD's numbers are from self-reported surveys. They are based on a sample, and only factor in consumer purchases - not enterprise.

[Source: NPD via cnet]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Rivas

    This news if from May, 2010 (check the link on NPD). The market has changed a lot from that moment. Why are you publishint this now??

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Just stumbled across it now. Better late than never :)

      • Rivas

        But you realize that the marquet could be quite different now, right? After that came a new iPhone and a bunch of new Androids, so Android may be up or down... Whe are on Q4! we need Q3 numbers!!

  • http://instantmoneypages.com Bo

    Uhh this is for the US only, you should've mentioned that.