T-Mobile's Samsung Vibrant is still a pretty hot phone, but with the release of the G2 and the upcoming myTouch 4G, Amazon decided to throw a blowout sale for only 1 penny again, just like it did back in August.

This time, however, existing customers upgrading their handsets and extending their contracts are no longer left in the dust. As always, no taxes or shipping fees are involved. But you already knew that, didn't you - it's Amazon after all.

And I still remember the time when $150 was considered a good deal...

10-29-2010 5-18-34 PM_wm

Artem Russakovskii
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  • Jason

    If only family plan people could take advantage of it :-(

  • http://www.smartphonetalking.com/ BEBE

    amazing price, but it's carrie :D, i wish it's free for me :P

  • http://www.jrwasshot.com Jeffrey ramsey

    I just purchased one for $ 400us I got screwed. Why T mobile? I been with you for almost 10 yrs it's not fair.