Last week, the Wall Street Journal posted a public poll asking its readers to pick the best mobile operating system maker. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Palm, RIM/Blackberry, and Other were valid options, with Apple leading at about 55% at the time. Noticing this, Android Police along with reddit and other media publications issued a call to action:


The next day, Android and Apple traded places, and the former started leading by a small margin.

Fast forward a week, and I decided to check back with the poll to see how it is doing... I will just leave the following here without any commentary - the results speak for themselves*:


What can I say?! Go Android!

* - it could sure seem like either the fact that the poll is using Adobe Flash, which is unreadable by iOS devices, or a mysterious 4chan-like power could have had something to do with such complete domination. But then again, the Android community is stronger and closer than any other mobile OS community out there - if its members want something done, it gets done.

Source: WSJ poll

Artem Russakovskii
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  • Magnus

    Obviously this poll has ben hacked/fixed. Wish it was true though...

    • dell-p

      ...or so You hope. Android is a mobile Juggernaut that ought not be f**ked with. Seriously. People wanted to write it off as a joke and crap a few years ago as if was DOA. HATERS HATE NOW!

  • kilgore trout

    Yeah, the first hack appeared some time over the weekend causing Microsoft to lead with 80 or 90 percent.... obviously someone in the android community retaliated. I'm not sure why it's still up.

  • chris ponciano

    or maybe because android users tend to be more of the technical online types that stay online more, where as those berry people are always working and those fruity users couldn't figure out how to submit because the buttons to submit wasn't glossy and trendy enough for them to care, lol.

    • Pax

      Very much a true statement.

      • Hans

        the only problem is... 3.5 million votes for android, but only 17 comments to the article. It's hacked. =D

  • ProfBadAss

    Haha of course this was hacked. Come On!

  • James

    Why publish when you know the results are false? Seriously? #fail (and yes, I know this isn't Twitter)

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Well, we don't know if the poll was hacked, but if it all boils down to the organization within Android, MS, and Apple communities to see if they can sway the poll in one way or another (call it rallying, promoting, etc - politicians are doing it on TV right as we speak), then it definitely speaks heaps for the Android community.

      • James

        Still, it's not the best poll. I didn't even vote. I wouldn't even know about it had you not tweeted. :(

  • BobbyPhoenix

    Android!!!! FTW!!!!

  • dano

    Puhlease! The results are obviously skewed making the poll worthless!

    • James

      Agreed. Most people don't even know the poll exists.

  • honkj