Last Updated: January 11th, 2011

Remember that Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone we heard about back in August? Turns out it's not only real, but a prototype is out and about in the wild - and Engadget has landed themselves some surprisingly clear and detailed pictures of the device. Better still, it looks pretty close to the renders we saw in August - surprising, given the track record for Android rumors.


Between the PlayStation moniker and the slide-out gamepad, I think it's pretty clear that this beastie will be marketed as a gaming phone. In support of that fact, word has it that the phone will support a custom Sony Marketplace with games specifically designed for the platform - if they can garner enough developer support, that should be a fairly nice selling point.


Other specs:

  • Gingerbread
  • 1 GHz Snapdragon MSM8655 (same CPU as the G2)
  • 512 MB RAM, 1 GB ROM
  • Screen size is between 3.7" and 4.1"
  • microSD Card
  • May pack a custom skin


Engadget speculates that the device might be ready in time for a 2010 release, but that 2011 is more likely; we're inclined to agree.


[Source: Engadget]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Aaron Gingrich

    Didn't want to put this in the article, but judging by the battery status in the first picture, looks like this thing is definitely an Android phone.


    • http://androidpolice.com AndroidMafia

      Just the battery status throws you off?

      Not the Android notification bar, distinctive lockscreen and hardware buttons? :)

      Anyhow, since the rumours have been thrown around I got the impression that this would be running select PSP/PS1 titles - I wonder if the Adreno 205 in that Snapdragon chipset would fair well with that but then again they'll have time to optimize for each title vs. emulating the hardware à la psx4droid.

      I'd assume the 2 little holes in the middle are for the analogue sticks, i'd be interested in the overall thickness of this considering you won't be getting a QWERTY keyboard. Recently I was thinking they might be able to do some sort of gamepad/keyboard hybrid, swivelling around maybe but I guess not.

      • Aaron Gingrich

        "Just the battery status throws you off?

        Not the Android notification bar, distinctive lockscreen and hardware buttons? "

        I was referring to the fact that the battery was nearly dead - making a joke about the battery life on our devices ;)

        • http://www.wix.com/Gigitsu/Gigitsu/Home GigiAUT

          that made me lol. Is that a screen protector on it? Looks kinda dirty somehow. Otherwise I think I'm in love. I'm gonna wait for this one to come out and see about grabbing one. The Wildfire was just to whet my appetite for Android. Now I'm hungry and I want something with more power I can game on. This might be the one.

  • JaToMa

    For me it looks pretty much like a sliding Xperia10. Which IMHO sucks in terms of build quality. Furthermore I would be surprised if it was a Gingerbread phone. SE is rather famous for their Donut hunger.
    But if it is, Gingerbread, I would be surprised if there will ever be something else to taste for the old SE Androids than Donuts.

  • Chris Ponciano

    whoa, nice, i wish someone didnt steal my psp slim.....

  • http://www.segabits.com AngelComa
    • OFI

      “Sony Europe debunked the images as false”

      Except they didn't.. What a useless article lol

      Dirt around the screen on possibly a first protype being thrown round a workshop by techs with grubby hands. Never! ;-)

      Personally think it looks like junk. The plastics look terrible, so who knows..

  • TechG

    The ui looks blue like the Like the cutom ui of x10... I rather like stock ui than that timescape mediascape... Also 1 thing more...
    HA HA to all X10 user if this phones comes with gingerbread and by that time they will be still on android 1.6... Lol

  • http://www.technologiez.net jennifer

    Sony PS phone looks kind of fake. Like an Xperia taped to a PSP go. The quality of the games can make or break this phone

  • Tim Larkin

    I hope those two holes in the middle are placeholders for twin thumbsticks.