Welcome to the weekly roundup of the best new Android applications and games that went live in the Market in the previous week or so.

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Best New Android Apps


PowerAMP is the sexiest Android music player I've seen to date. It also includes equalizer and preamp support, making it not just gorgeous on the outside, but smart on the inside. It is not yet available in the Market, but you can download the current build from here.

See this xda thread for more info.

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Hex editor for yours binaries
UPD: ROOT access avaible in TESTING mode. Be careful editing system file without backup.

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The Eye

A family tracking application to keep an eye on each others' locations. Install it on every phone you want to track for free!
Key Features:
- No Monthly Fees
- Your location data is kept private
- Online web interface

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WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messenger available for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and Nokia phones. WhatsApp uses your 3G or WiFi (when available) to message with friends and family. Switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages, pictures, audio notes, and video messages at no cost. Free for the first year!

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This program is a bit older but definitely deserves a mention.

Reads aloud historical markers as you drive by them. Also contains info about historical bridges, towns, and even UFO sightings. Plus you can make you own talking points™ and share with the world your knowledge about local landmarks and events. Awesome for road trips. Go to website at www.mygeoreader.com for more info.

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Winamp for Android (beta) offers a complete media management solution for 2.1 OS & above. Sync your music from the Winamp desktop player over USB or Wi-Fi. Learn more - http://bit.ly/bfLxap.
Other features: persistent audio playback controls, play queue, scrobbling, playlist shortcuts, lock screen & widget player.

Android Police coverage: [Updated] Winamp For Android Arrives To The Android Market, Features Lockscreen Widget (!), Whips Llama’s Ass [Hands-On]

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Experience the latest and best version of the official YouTube app, which offers:
- Beautiful new UI design
- In-page playback (read comments while video is playing!)
- Personalized homescreen video feed
- Brand new player controls
- Rotate-for-fullscreen playback

Android Police coverage: Updated, More Polished, Standalone YouTube App Hits The Android Market, And It Is Awesome

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ITA Software's OnTheFly™ offers an advanced way to shop for airfares for any itinerary in the world. Easily find the best fares and flights available for your trip.
* Intuitive travel date calendar
* Fine-grained control over all search parameters
* Full disclosure of exact airfare calculation
* Does not allow booking

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Yahoo! Fantasy Basketball

Yahoo! Fantasy Basketball, the Web’s #1 Fantasy Basketball game, comes to Android. With the Yahoo! Fantasy Basketball Android app you can check your league standings, manage your starting lineup with roster alerts, view your matchups, read the latest player news and more!

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Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey

Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey, the Web’s #1 Fantasy Hockey game, comes to Android. With the Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey Android app you can check your league standings, manage your starting lineup with roster alerts, view your matchups, read the latest player news and more!

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Letter Rip!

Players slide (Rip!) tiles around the board to form words. Once a valid word is created its tiles disappear. Random letter tiles continuously appear as you race to prevent the game board from filling up. How fun is that? Smarty-pants players will bonus for spelling longer words. Get Ripping!

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Logitech Harmony

Logitech Harmony® is a companion app for your Logitech Revue system. Use it in place of—or in addition to—the keyboard-based controller that comes with Logitech Revue with Google TV.
Note: This application requires Logitech Revue with Google TV and a wireless network.

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Beats, Advanced Rhythm Game

Beats is a music-based rhythm game where you tap to the beat of your favourite song, similar to StepMania, DJ Max, Beatmania IIDX, Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), Tap Tap Revenge, etc.
See the BeatsIIDX forums at http://forums.beatsiidx.com for latest changelog.

Android Police coverage: Android’s Newest Dance Dance Revolution Clone Drops, Catchingly Named: Beats, Advanced Rhythm Game

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Documents To Go 3.0

A major update (2 -> 3) to one of the top apps on the Market.

View MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint files & attachments (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx) for free.

Buy full version to unlock:

  • Editing
  • Creating
  • Google Docs
  • PDF
  • Zooming
  • Charts
  • Passwords & more

Android Police coverage: DataViz Announces Documents To Go Version 3.0, Adds Google Docs Support, Enhances Just About Everything

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QuickDesk 0.4

QD 0.4 is a major app update and overhaul, so I felt it deserved some special attention.

QuickDesk, revolutionizing Android multi tasking. Imagine a screen to quick switch to other apps or settings.
- Gorgeous UI
- QuickPanel: Efficient task switching
- Edit Mode: Easier management of items
- Notification Counter w/ ADWNotifier

Android Police coverage: QuickDesk 0.4 Now In The Market, Brings QuickPanel Task Switcher, UI Redesign; PRO Version Coming

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Reckless Racing

Reckless Racing is probably the most notable game arrival of the week, but because of its popularity and the generated server stress, it was temporarily taken offline over the weekend. It seems to be back, though AppBrain is not aware of it at the time of this writing.

Android Police coverage: REVIEW: Reckless Racing Brings Yeehaw Dorifto To Android


Halloween Live Wallpaper II

Halloween Live Wallpaper is a free livewallpaper for your Android phone to celebrate the session! Lots of bats flying, a starry evening sky and pumpkins !
You can customize the location, speed, size etc of the elements!

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Alchemist 2 FREE

Alchemist 2 is an original mind-twisting puzzle. Find hidden color combination inside an ever changing element grid, score points for agility, unlock hidden achievements and goodies, use mana to place meta elements and train your mind!

FREE version has a 30 minute time limit and no savegames, highscores or achievements!

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E-mail Notifier

E-mail Notifier is an application for Android OS 2.0+, that allows customization of incoming e-mail notifications.
Currently supports only the Gmail accounts and requires Gmail to be installed to function properly.
[And only for Android OS 2.0+.]

See this xda thread for more info.

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AT&T U-Verse

With the Android device launches, U-verse Mobile is available on four mobile operating systems and will continue to expand to more devices in the future. U-verse Mobile is an app that lets U-verse TV subscribers browse the U-verse TV program guide, schedule and manage their DVR recordings, and for subscribers with qualifying TV plans, download hit TV shows over any Wi-Fi connection, and watch them on their qualifying smartphone from anywhere.

Android Police coverage: AT&T U-verse Mobile TV App Now Available For (Select) AT&T Android Phones

Field Force Manager

Field Force Manager helps you manage your mobile workforce.
Verizon Wireless Field Force Manager is a powerful web and handset application that offers location management, driving directions, job dispatch and more.  And with three package choices, it's affordable and able to keep pace with the growth of your business.  Choose the level of service you need:

  • Limited: Provides management of your workforce from the field, including detailed travel information.
  • Basic: All benefits of the Limited package, with the addition of job dispatch, text-based driving directions and electronic time cards.
  • Premium: Enjoy all Limited and Basic features, as well as features that let you know when mobile workers are ready for their next assignment.  It also offers audible and map-enabled driving directions. 

How Field Force Manager works
Field Force Manager has two parts: a power Web-based application at the home office, and a mobile phone application for remote workers. Field Force Manager can help your company in three ways:

  • Location management – Tracking your workers is as simple as getting online. You can see where workers are now, where they've been, even how fast they’re driving. And you can set up email or text alerts when workers speed or go off-route.
  • Electronic timecards – Keep workers in the field, where they belong. Give them the tools to submit timecards on their mobile phones, easily track breaks and lunches, and accurately bill to different jobs. Give yourself the tools to automatically link to timecard data to your payroll system. No more keying handwritten timecards.
  • Job dispatch – Your clipboard will gather dust. Your deliveries won’t. Shoot orders to your teams’ mobile phones as soon as they come in, with turn-by-turn directions. Know when they accept and complete job requests. Send the nearest workers to each job, saving time and fuel. Track jobs at every stage and keep records. All of which means faster, better service and happier customers.

Download: VZW


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