There is no shortage of media applications for Android - in fact, Winamp that came out last week was the most serious and robust media offering I've seen so far. However, when it comes to strictly the media player functionality, even Winamp can't touch what I'm about to show you - a new beta app called PowerAMP.

PowerAMP is an Android media player developed by a cool Russian dude by the name of Maxim Petrov (Max MP). Its most notable features are, in my opinion, the gorgeous interface, support for both equalizer and preamp, and very fast file scanning speed.

Here are the features at a glance, courtesy of owziee from xda:

-MP3, MP4/M4A,loseless ALAC,FLAC, OGG, WAV, TTA, WMA
-Has own codecs
-Choose music from SD card
-Tags, lyrics
-Skins, 2 in beta version
-Fast scan of files ( in 1 second 1000files, depends on phone speed)

Unfortunately, genre support is yet again missing, but hopefully Max will add them in the next update.


image image image

image image image

image image image

You can view a video demo of PowerAMP right here:


PowerAMP is not yet available in the Android Market (Max promises a PRO version when it's ready for prime time), but you can download the latest build currently available from our mirror or any of the other mirrors below:

Sources: Droid Den, xda

Images: Android-owner.ru

Artem Russakovskii
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  • Coldman

    God damn, that is seksie.

  • Desarth

    This is what I've been waiting for!

    Indeed Sekseeh!!!!

  • Cipher

    Outstanding! This app is amazing, the detail is unbelievable. This will be my one and only music player. Thank You!

  • MicroNix

    Google needs to hire this guy!! WOW!!

  • ChilliDip

    This thing is great.....I've only been playing with it for acouple minutes and already decided to replace the double twist player for this player

  • Pax

    How about crossfading...would be awesome.

  • Cyborg

    This is the app of the year PERIOD!!! The aluminum theme goes great with my G2! Kudos to the developer, i'll happily buy the Pro Version to show some love to this dev...

  • trdracer21

    how do you install this???

    • trell

      Did u get it installed an if u did how??

  • mike

    Now this really whips the Llamas ass!

    • Jammy1

      "Now this really whips the Llamas ass!"

      Showing your age!

      • Pax

        LOL...Na, Llamas ass whipper is still better...

  • Greg

    Needs sort by track number; otherwise, the best player I've come across to date.


  • David

    Best music player I've used yet, and that includes the iPod function on the iPhone I switched from.

  • http://www.getback2.nl Karel de Greef

    I think theres someting wrong in the preamp especcialy in the high regions, its like a noise gate thing..(or its my phone HTC Desire) and a search function would be very nice. But its a very nice and good looking app to work with.

  • Chris

    Search bar..be good if it worked with cover art download to transfer album art files, and did i mention search library bar...

    pros really like the stepped touch equalizer, works the same way on my capacitance touch controls on my HP Dragon laptop and you get the treble and bass boost just below to fine tune anything that the comprehensive equalizer does not adequately cover, I like the oversize buttons on the player page, simple great skinning with intuitive navigation that is dead easy to learn...despite the search bar and maybe lyric page (could be added to the PRO version if not already) am still gonna purchase the full version as this is exactly what I have been waiting for for years in a smart phone/device type music player...to the developer, as Captain Picard once said "nicely done!"

  • Robert

    I was really surprised after purchasing PowerAmp not to find a search bar...
    How to manage thousands of songs without it ?
    And please integrate a lyrics viewer.

    Then its perfekt!

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Pinged the dev for you - see his reply below (Max).

  • Max

    You can press hardware Search button in any of PowerAMP lists (or long press menu button, if you have no hardware Search button), and just start typing
    to filter/search a list.

    • Robert

      Thanks for the hint!
      Serach function is perfectly solved!

  • http://none Jeff

    Yup, it sure looks nice. I will buy it once it has more headset controls. I have the Sennheiser 680i headset that has 3 buttons... vol+, play/pause/answer call/prev/next song, vol-. If I could get all the functions... I'd be majorly happy.

  • Schrodinger

    Does anyone know if this player 'Remembers Playback Position'?