There are a couple of Android programs that are so brilliant and well done that you can't imagine your life without them. For me, these programs are Launcher Pro, Titanium Backup, and QuickDesk. QuickDesk is ingenious and always makes those who see it for the first time beg me to tell them what it is. Minutes ago, Faruq, the QuickDesk developer, published a completely redesigned and long awaited version 0.4 to the Market, and it is good. Damn good.

To give you a brief background on the app, with QuickDesk, you double tap on the Home button and a quick overlay pops up on top of the current app without taking over and destroying whatever is going on on the screen. You can customize the overlay with your own shortcuts - it's basically an always available custom homescreen, ready to be at your finger tips.

What's New In v0.4

The new version 0.4 has been in development for months and, to our delight, today hit the Android Market. Here is the official changelog (thanks, Faruq), followed by some screenshots I took:

  • No more annoying notifications on startup
  • Swap Home Key functionality (single tap to run QuickDesk instead)
  • More detailed QuickStart

Revamped UI:

  • QuickPanel task switching *HOT*
  • New EDIT MODE to organize stuff on QuickDesk screen
  • QuickAction functionality when long-pressing and icon (single press in Edit Mode)
  • Notifications Counter (only supports ADWNotifier or Touiteur at the moment)
  • Running App Badge
  • Tonnes of bug fixes

Extras in PRO version (not released yet):

  • Drag-up-to-kill an item on QuickPanel
  • Force Stop action in QuickAction
  • Keep shortcuts in QuickPanel
  • Reset Widget in QuickAction (only for widgets that need configuration)

I love, love, love the new QuickDesk and the QuickPanel. Excellent work, Faruq!


QR code for https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=sg.ruqqq.quickdesk


Appbrain link


snap20101022_140300 snap20101022_140315

snap20101022_140332 snap20101022_140349

P.S. Yup, that's the official AndroidPolice app you see there, in the making.

Source: ruqqq twitter

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  • Kane

    That's one sexy new design. On days like this, I want to make out with my phone. And also wonder wtf Google was thinking not including a dedicated button for the task switcher, like on the Pre.

  • dragongunner

    This app has got to be one of the most useful and cool apps that I have installed.

    This will make a great compliment to the MIUI rom that does not have an app drawer.

  • David

    QuickDesk rocks. I use FolderOrganizer's 4x4 widget with it to display 35 launch shortcuts. It can do 5 per row, 7 rows, no text. I have my 25 most common apps right there, along with 10 FolderOrganizer app category pop ups to quickly access the rest. With Quick Desk and Folder Organizer, I am always just 2 or 3 quick clicks from any app. Love it.