Last Updated: October 24th, 2010

It's been a long and difficult journey for Cliq owners, but it looks like the finish line may just be around the corner – Motorola is now allowing a limited number of users to test out the update to Android 2.1 Eclair.

Jealous? Don't be - thanks to the folks over at Android Central, the rest of us get to join in on the fun too. Unfortunately, the process isn't exactly as simple as an OTA, so here's how to do it:

  1. Download the update file (it should be called "Blur_Version.2.1.5.MB200.T-Mobile.en.US.zip") from here.

    Update: It was bound to happen sooner or later - the file at the link above has been pulled. Luckily, we've hunted down a mirror for you, so download away right here.
  2. Connect your phone to your computer and make sure it is in "USB Drive" mode.
  3. Copy the update file to the root of your SD card (that is the main folder).
  4. Unplug your phone.
  5. Press the Menu button, then select Settings.
  6. In Settings, go to "About Phone" > "System Updates."
  7. Wait for the update option to appear, then select "Copy," then "Install Now."
  8. After the update is completed, be sure to delete the update file from your SD card after plugging your phone back into your computer and mounting it as a USB Drive once more.

While it's kind of disappointing to see that Motorola and T-Mobile have yet to roll out an official software update (not to mention the fact that Eclair is now a dying OS while FroYo has become the new standard), it's still better than nothing - and to be fair, Samsung Behold users are in a far worse situation than this.

Source: Android Central Forums via Android Central (1) (2)

Jaroslav Stekl
Jaroslav Stekl is a tech enthusiast whose favorite gadgets almost always happen to be the latest Android devices. When he's not writing for Android Police, he's probably hiking, camping, or canoeing. He is also an aspiring coffee aficionado and an avid moviegoer.

  • jason

    Whenever i click system updates, nothing ever shows up

    • rich

      Yeah same thing here....

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/jaroslav-stekl/ Jaroslav Stekl

      I can take a while to show up. Also, you need to follow these instructions exactly:

      Download the update file (it should be called "Blur_Version.2.1.5.MB200.T-Mobile.en.US.zip") from here.
      Connect your phone to your computer and make sure it is in "USB Drive" mode.
      Copy the update file to the root of your SD card (that is the main folder).
      Unplug your phone.
      Press the Menu button, then select Settings.
      In Settings, go to "About Phone" > "System Updates."
      Wait for the update option to appear, then select "Copy," then "Install Now."
      After the update is completed, be sure to delete the update file from your SD card after plugging your phone back into your computer and mounting it as a USB Drive once more.

  • Crigga

    I got mine installed and working, I just can't seem to sync the contacts I have on T-Mobile to the phone. There isn't even a T-Mobile choice under my contacts.

  • JHam

    It does not seem to like the fact that I have the leaked 2.1 from a few months back installed. Anyone have a work around for that?



    • JHam

      Can we just remove this line from the META-INF/com/google/android/update-script?

      assert file_contains("SYSTEM:build.prop", "ro.build.fingerprint=motorola/morrison_tmo_us/morrison/morrison:1.5/CUPCAKE/1.4.8:user/rel-keys") == "true" || file_contains("SYSTEM:build.prop", "ro.build.fingerprint=MOTO/morrison_tmo_us/morr/morr:2.1-update1/ERD79/2.1.5:user/ota-rel-keys,release-keys") == "true"

      And skip the version verification? Or does anyone know the correct version string for the leaked Eclair that we can put in there?


  • Gamesta

    It does install. remember to NOT unzip the file. Just copy the zip file to the root-level of the usb drive.

    I had a problem trying to use a Mac to do this because the Mac automatically unzipped the file and I tried to re-zip it but it didn't work. Once I downloaded the file to not automatically unzip, I copied it and it installed per the instructions.

    Good luck!

    • Gamesta


      After it rebooted, it got stuck in a reboot loop for over 10 mins. I ended up doing a factory reset (Power+Camera buttons) and that did the trick.

      Works great!

  • tim

    anybody know how to take off the unofficial 2.1 so i can get my 1.5 back. It seems like it won't let me get the official 2.1 because I have the unofficial version of it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/louroc2009 louroc2009

    its works with fake 2.0 update just dont rename zip leave without opening it and put it on top of the folders on sd card not in a folder guts

  • http://iandouglas.com ian douglas

    My wife's phone never said an update was available, and I got impatient, so I tested a known method of updating Android on my Nexus One when we were covering Froyo updates in May-August.

    You can also rename the zip to update.zip, reboot your Cliq and holding the power/camera buttons until you get to the boot menu, then the volume down button to go into recovery mode, then you should have an option to install from update.zip.

    After rebooting twice, my wife's Cliq was up and running. I did a factory wipe just to be on the safe side.

    • Max

      i tried this but the part where i pressed alt and s didnt cause the install process to start. any advice ? Thanks

      • jah

        If you touch on the lower right part of the screen you'll get a menu.

  • Ty Christense

    I got it working on my wife's Cliq and it's running a lot smoother now, 1.5 was so choppy, this will help extend the life of her phone now, thanks for sharing.

  • Maddie

    As of Oct.24th, 8:30AM (central time) the download link states...

    "This file is no longer available because of a claim by 4shared Support Team"

    Did my window of opportunity just passed? :(

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/jaroslav-stekl/ Jaroslav Stekl

      Nope, your window's still there - see the update I added to the post for more info. on that.

      • Spock

        If you Can't find it and links don't work, google: Blur_Version.2.1.5.MB200.T-Mobile.en.US.zip

    • Robert

      go to http://www.4shared.com and search blur_version and click enter. look for the file that is blur_version.2.1.5.MB200.T-Mobile.en.US(2).zip i believe it was and it took about 20 minutes to download. DO NOT UNZIP the file.my directions that i did are bellow.

  • Michael


    I followed the instructions perfectly, however, when I click System Update a pop up says:
    "Youe device is up to date!
    No Update necessary."

    Even though my system version is Blur_Version 1.4.8.MB200T-Mobile.en.US which is the old version.

    After 2 hours of waiting for the update to take effect I plugged my phone back into my computer and deleted the 2.1 folder off the Cliq folder that comes up when I plug my phone in and did tried the process again. Still no update option. I had 360MB of free space on my SD card when I started and not I only have 151MB and NO UPDATE.

    I'm nervous to try it again and lose even more SD free space than I already have.

    If anyone can give me information on what is happening, please let me know.


  • Robert

    I downloaded the zip file from 4shared and it was a little confusing at first but i just went into my sd card and renamed the file update and then turned my phone off and then turned it on holing the power and camera button. i hit the volume down button(keeping the phone closed) once the exclimation and phone symbol came up i opened the phone and pressed alt+L and then another menu came up. i pushed update.zip and it worked fine all except i dont have live wallpapers.

    • http://androidpolice A.C

      i received the exclamation & phone signal. how do i open the phone and hit alt+L?

  • Ernesto

    Can I update my motocliq if i'm in mexico, and then change the apn and that stuff to make it work here?

  • Mo

    So i followed the direction perfectly, i thought everything worked just fine, my cliq even started to work better, but when i checked the system version i was running it said blur_version1.6.1,mb200. so it up graded my phone from a 1.4 to a 1.6 but not the promised 2.1 version.... i dont understand, did this happen to anyone else? My husband has a cliq also but i guess he was one of the chosen few that didnt manually have to update his like i did mine. i just simply clicked on system updates and he had it. BUT his also only upgraded to a 1.6 whats up with that. Any ideas?

    • Max

      they say that in order to upgrade to 2.1 you need to be on the 1.6.1 first. i did the same thing and im waiting too just like you. thats why im here to get this mirrir download to work.

  • carat

    So just got the new update sent to me earlier tonight..did all the downloading and stuff..when my phone was finished everything, it turned back on and I find that its still version 1.6?? So confused. My roommate has the same phone so I asked her if she got the new update as well. She checked on the search for updates and got it, downloaded it, and same thing happened to her. No 2.1 at all just the same 1.6 after it claimed it downloaded it all....can anyone help before I go waste my time with tmobile and they'll just make up some bullshit answer anyways??

    • holly

      People, it clearly states this is not a 2.1 update! I can't wait for it either though! :-)

      • Vince

        Actually, it does say that it a 2.1 update.

  • Ken

    I think upgrading to the 1.6.1 is whats preventing this from working, because its looking for 1.4.8, same with the person with the other fake 2.1, JHAMs question.

  • Matt

    Anyone know if this will work on an Australian Dext? I don't wan to to lose 3g.

  • Anabel

    i got this update for my phone and i want to remove it , how can i do that ?

  • kiko..

    Check updates was not available at this time

    Try again later.

    i keep having this message.. can someone please help me thanks..

  • eric

    I have a decoded cliq xt that am using in ghana.I want the new update that is enclair but it seems I need to update my phone to Blur_Version .1.6.1.MB 200.T-
    Mobile.en.US first before I can update to my choice.anytime I try all it indicates is phone update up to date.I seriousli need help since I want to new update.