Here's some great news for owners of the budget flavour-of-the-month, the ZTE Blade. Saddled with Éclair at birth, the dudes over at MoDaCo's ZTE Blade section have given their phones a new lease of life with a Froyo port from the domestic Chinese model to their beloved Orange San Francisco.

The ROM is very much in the Alpha stage right now, but even so it is very exciting news for those of you who have heard of the Blade. For those of you scratching your heads in bewilderment, stay tuned - our ZTE Blade review will be up early next week.

The DPI has been altered in this release but it is easy to revert

Note: The video may still be processing, click on through to view it.

Credit to Stephen Hyde @ MoDaCo for the release, and all the dedicated Android lovers in #zteblade. Awesome work guys. Instructions and mirrors at the source link.

Source: Blade.MoDaCo.com

Brian O'Toole
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  • http://www.talk3g.co.uk Hands0n

    On the strength of Modaco's following of the Orange San Francisco nee ZTE Blade I went and bought one yesterday. Within about 30 minutes I had it unlocked and running the Modaco Froyo 2.2 build and it is very good indeed.

    I had to change the screen resolution back to stock as it was too small for my eyesight to be comfortable with.

    Although an unashamed Alpha build, this one is very functional already. But it is an Alpha and so if loading it up then be ready for some bumps along the way.

  • Nas7000


    I Just updated my Orange San Francisco to Froyo 2.2, but how can I change the screen resolution.

    I will like to change the screen rez, because some games appear half screen and all the icons are just too tinny. In addition the dialler and keyboard is just too tinny for my thumbs

  • http://www.appsdroid.co.uk Gavin

    Hi Guys

    Nice ill be trying this later tonight. I got this for my GF but the orange branding is terrible.


  • http://orangesanfrancisco.co.uk av2606

    I recommend following this guide if you are trying to install Android 2.2 from scratch on the Orange San Francisco. Very beginner friendly:


  • mohamedy

    i have a problem so i need your help.
    my phone zte-balde 1588 was corrupted by android window 7 theme so i need to frash. so the problem is zte-blade is generation 1 or generation 2.
    can you help me.?